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    why the walls will forever be beige

    Our new house has 5 freshly painted rooms. We were just going to do 2. I messed up and we had to paint the ceiling. I don’t think I’ll be painting for a while. Let me back up… When we moved to our new home, my best friend and realtor kindly offered to paint the 2 rooms that looked like…

  • gift closet

    How to Build a Gift Closet

    Do you have a gift closet? I started one not too long ago as a way to have gifts on hand for birthday parties that I would forget about. Since COVID has given us a way out of kids’ birthday parties for a little over a year, I love that I don’t have to frantically look and buy a gift…

  • bathing suits

    Are we talking about bathing suits and summer yet?

    After being a year into this pandemic and so many plans being put on hold, canceled, and then canceled again, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Spring is here, the weather is getting a bit warmer and the kids had their first swim class this week. Summer is being planned out and it’s…

  • nap
    Family & Motherhood

    the loss of the mid-day nap

    We are getting to that point where my son doesn’t want to take a nap anymore. I know, it’s happening. I’ve been milking the mid-day sleep break for as long as I can. I think I’ll have to come to terms with the fact that it’s slowly going away. I knew it was time with my daughter when it took…

  • workout

    Do you have a workout routine?

    Everyone has been home for a year and a workout room is basically your bedroom/living room/garage/spare bedroom. That’s where we’re at. While some gyms and studios are starting to open, the safest bet is DIY. I’ve been getting into the FitOn and Apple Fitness workout apps and finally bit the bullet and got a 6-piece weight set from Amazon (no…

  • Family & Motherhood

    Why walk when you can skip?

    I remember when my little one was just starting to walk. The push for those early steps. Google searches and advice from other parents on how to do it. Eventually, she did it on her own time. Now she’s twirling and learning ballerina moves. That reminds me, I gotta put that girl in dance lessons once everything settles down a…

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    Do you wear jeans?

    There are those who live in a pair of jeans and there are those who don’t. The average person owns 7 pairs of jeans. With it being such a fashion staple for everyone, it’s no wonder around 450 million pairs are sold every year. I’m not a denim girl. To me, they are a hard pass next to my joggers…

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    House Hunting: Bathrooms & Closets

    When did it become acceptable to have bathrooms and closets so small? We are currently trying to get all of our clothes from walk-in to a reach-in closet and it’s been, well, challenging. When we were house hunting, we saw one where the half bathroom was in the garage. Can you imagine having guests over and being like “oh yeah,…

  • dance

    Dance it out, seriously.

    Do you have a favorite at-home workout? For me, it’s dance. Dancing has always been my jam, moving the body, learning choreography, and letting my alter ego out. Dancing was always around growing up. I’m part Mexican, so any excuse my mom had to party, she was down, with music and dancing being involved 99.9% of the time. It became…

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    Packing Ritual

    Do you have a packing ritual? I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and how we miss each other, how my kids miss their grandparents, and how I just want to get on a plane and go somewhere. Anywhere. We went to Yosemite during COVID and was so needed. Now with a new house, I…