House Hunting: Bathrooms & Closets

When did it become acceptable to have bathrooms and closets so small? We are currently trying to get all of our clothes from walk-in to a reach-in closet and it’s been, well, challenging. When we were house hunting, we saw one where the half bathroom was in the garage. Can you imagine having guests over and being like “oh yeah, just go downstairs where we PARK OUR CAR and go ahead and use our guest bathroom”. I’m laughing as I’m typing that.

We’ve also seen some beautiful bathrooms and closets, largely at the expense of the rest of the house. We saw a townhome where the 2 bedrooms were on the 1st of 3 floors, triangular-shaped, and within a stone’s throw of the patio, front door, and garage door. It was a not-so-great option for little ones who LOVE to open doors. But the bathroom and closet? It was so dreamy. The closet was so pretty that it even had stairs that lead up to it in order to prepare you for its beauty. I mean…

A bathroom isn’t just a place where you go to wash your face and put makeup on. It’s the room in the house that you can relax in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. For me, that means hot showers and plush towels. Because pretty pictures are the only way to showcase, here are some great bathrooms we’ve seen:

you can totally social distance in this bathroom
now we’re talking

I love a good bathroom. The more houses we went to see, the more I’m appreciative of what I consider the basic standard. Double sink, cabinet space, a beautiful tub, and pretty tile in the shower. Is that too much to ask? I’m coming to the realization that in the Bay area, a house that already has that is up there in price or location.

Our home at the moment doesn’t have a great master bathroom, which will for sure be a project for us to tackle in the future. I’m dreaming of that double sink right now…

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