Need decor inspiration? Go house hunting

A few months ago, we decided to make the jump from renting to actually looking for a house in the Bay Area. Guess what? We BOUGHT a house.

I’m from Texas, so imagine going from houses where big walk-closets and oversized bathrooms are the norms, to houses where the closet is the size of, well, a shower stall? The struggle is real, and let’s not forget the cost of living. Uff.

The one thing that I’ve really liked about going house shopping is seeing how they are staged. The decor is so pretty. You walk into a house and the warm color pallet and clean floors make you think, if only for a second, that your house could actually look like this.

Let’s just imagine for a second…

The living room is spacious, with comfortable furniture, soft blankets and throw pillows. The coffee table isn’t overflowing with Polly Pockets and Hot Wheels but with a book on it. The kitchen is clean, with a Joanna Gaines cookbook perched upon a stand turned to a page for delicious homemade biscuits. The rooms are small but clean with maybe a dresser or a night table with a delicate lampshade that would never be knocked over by my 3-year-old. The backyard is freshly mowed with patio furniture and a jug filled with margarita mix.

Every home needs a little decor inspiration, and here are some that I’ve seen out there in our house hunting adventures that have incorporated some pretty cool trends. Industrial, modern farmhouse, traditional, you name it.

that front swing though…
my favorite color combo- gray and yellow
I love how these houses are so clean. Ah, a girl can dream.
this kitchen was by far the best

My favorite has been the modern farmhouse look. Clean lines, mixing the creams with earthy browns but also adding in a pop of color to the space. It’s a big trend right now and so easy to put together.

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