10 mexican foods everyone should try (at least once)

After spending a week in Mexico and enjoying all the sights and family time, I have to say that one of my favorite parts is the food and drinks that can only be done right by Mexico (cold churros? not here!). Since I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert in Mexican cuisine (meaning I eat a lot of it), I thought I’d indulge you with my top 10 Mexican foods everyone should try (at least once). Let’s get started…

1. Raspados


Translation: Shaved Ice

Can often be found on the street at all hours of the day or night. With basic flavors like strawberry and orange, you can get super creative with flavors like rompope (tastes like eggnog) and tamarindo (tart fruit). My favorite (and one that I had to get straight away) is the decadent nuez (nuts) with sweet condensed milk on top. No judging until you try it, its heaven.

2. Cafe de Olla

cafe de olla

Translation: Pot of Coffee

For coffee drinkers, let me welcome you to the cloud 9 of coffee. Made in a traditional pot and brought to a simmer with cane sugar, cinnamon and sometimes cardamom, this coffee doesn’t need sugar or cream. Enjoy as is in a traditional coffee mug made out of clay. You can’t get more Mexican than this.

3. Tacos Sudados

tacos sudados

Translation: Sweaty Tacos

A must try if you like tacos and want something traditional. I’m not a big fan of them, but I consider myself to be in the minority. The name refers to how they look as they are soaked in a sauce and filled with ground beef and topped with lettuce, queso fresco and even vinegar marinated carrots.

4. Cajeta


Translation: Caramel Sauce

Yes we all know what caramel sauce tastes like, but this is so much better. Thicker consistency and is a great topping for basically any sweet carb including tres leches cake, pound cake and even on raspados. Yum.

5. Panecitos


Translation: Sweet Bread/Pastries

Think of this as your morning donuts. With a massive variety of flavors, most all is topped with some kind of sugar mixture. My favorites are the “conchas”. Eat it like my dad does- dip in coffee let the flavors marinate together and enjoy.

6. Agua de Horchata

agua de horchata

Translation: Rice Drink

The translation doesn’t do it justice, for real. This drink is my favorite and I had so much of it in Mexico I think I’m good for a while. It’s made by boiling rice with cinnamon and sugar and draining with rice. Think of it as a sweet rice drink. None of this is making it sound amazing. Just drink it, you’ll thank me later.

7. Torta

click picture for source

Translation: Sandwich

These sandwiches are made with a specific kind of bread roll and filled with any kind of meat (carnitas), guacamole, spices, etc. People have this for breakfast. For you meat eaters out there you’d love this.

8. Elote

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Translation: Corn (but in a cup)

I love this. Corn in a cup and topped with all sorts of awesomeness like spicy sauce, mayonnaise, sour cream, cheese and lime, making it the most healthy turned unhealthy, best street food ever.

9. Churros

click picture for source

Translation: none, just Churros

Oh churros- fried bread rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Have with hot chocolate (preferably Abuelita) and it can be your BFF of sweet comfort food. Think crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, served warm and sometimes with a side of chocolate sauce or even sweet condensed milk. I know right?

10. Pozole


Translation: does a burger have a translation? Neither does this

Pozole is like a Mexican stew. Start with a basic broth and add in garbanzo beans, pork loin, lettuce, tortilla chips (a.k.a tostadas), lime, oregano, onion and avocado. My sister Vanessa considers this her favorite dish. Plus it’s super healthy. Everyone wins.

Those are my top picks. Do you have any you’d like to add to the list? Have you tried any of these?