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    House Hunting: Bathrooms & Closets

    When did it become acceptable to have bathrooms and closets so small? We are currently trying to get all of our clothes from walk-in to a reach-in closet and it’s been, well, challenging. When we were house hunting, we saw one where the half bathroom was in the garage. Can you imagine having guests over and being like “oh yeah, just go downstairs where we PARK OUR CAR and go ahead and use our guest bathroom”. I’m laughing as I’m typing that. We’ve also seen some beautiful bathrooms and closets, largely at the expense of the rest of the house. We saw a townhome where the 2 bedrooms were on…

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    the priority shift for families when buying a house

    We bought a house!!! I can’t believe that in a few months we’ll be officially homeowners. Buying a house in the Bay Area seemed like an impossible task (both financially and emotionally), but the cards were ever in our favor. After a little over a month of looking, we saw one that checked all the boxes and made an offer that was accepted pretty quickly. I am repeatedly told that this does NOT happen here. I guess the house was just meant to be. We debated going outside our area, and glad we decided to stick around here. It’s been such an interesting rollercoaster- mostly emotional- throughout the process. My…