A Fairy Garden for Tinker Bell

We are knee-deep into anything fairy-related over here. Tinker Bell is on repeat, we have countless dollar store wings, some pixie dust, and a fairy garden set.

There is a house on the street where her school is that has a little fairy garden set that we see all the time. It’s got the little house, some glitter painted rocks and flowers. It’s super cute and she likes to take a good look at it all the time. My sisters gifted her a little garden kit and it was immediately built and put outside.

Now she wants to make her own. We’ve been watching Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue, it tells the story about a little girl who builds a fairy garden out of old boxes, leaves, flowers and pebbles. Tinker Bell actually gets trapped in the house and becomes friends with the little girl. My girl was ALL OVER THAT. We’ve seen it maybe 5 times now and she keeps telling me that if you believe, a fairy could come to our house. There ya go, ladies and gentlemen.

I love her imagination, creativity and innocence when it comes to anything fairytale. There is something so magical and nostalgic to when I was a little girl and loving anything that involved princesses, fairies, and castles.

If you (or your little one) is in the same boat and thinking about building your own fairy garden, check out some tips and favorite themes that is sure to attract a little Tinker Bell to visit.


Tip #1: Pick a space either indoors or outdoors to host the fairy garden. The bottom of a potted plant, a corner in a front patio, or a grassy patch in the backyard will all work. Find a space that can be easily accessed in order to build upon in the future.  

Tip #2: Find friends to play in the fairy garden. Small animals like bunnies or ladybugs look super cute, but you can also bring out the Hatchimals or any little toys that will fit.

Tip #3: Use recycled materials and anything outside to build the garden. In the movie, the little girl used an oatmeal box as the house and taped up some big leaves to make a roof. Pebbles, sticks, and flowers can be decor, walkways, or space for a pond.



This is probably the easiest theme to start with if you’re building a fairy garden for the first time. You can buy a miniature house, or DIY made from craft supplies around the house. A fence made out of popsicle sticks, a front patio bench and a small pond with tiny ducks and fish. 


A favorite in our house, a sparkly magical fairy garden complete with pixie dust of all colors is a super fun one to do outdoors. Pull out all the glitter paint, crayons and markers and go crazy. Tinkerbell and all friends would feel right at home.  


Make a woodland fairy oasis with anything you have outside. This is a great one to make alongside a tree or plant surrounded by greenery. Use twigs, wildflowers, leaves and grass for a fairy garden that’s all in nature. 

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