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    my go-to shop for baby clothes

    I’ve been a fan of Zulily ever since my girl was born. A friend suggested I check it out for baby clothes when we were both feeding our newborns at all hours of the night. I remember texting each other deals that were ultimately bought at 4 a.m. In those hours, I was introduced to favorites like Robeez, Jack & Lily and Zutano. In a way, it was another insight into the newborn baby world that I would otherwise never know before becoming a parent. I learned the difference between 24 months and 2T clothing and baby vs toddler shoe size. Now, of course, Zulily has more than just baby…

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    New Home Fairy

    We are finally starting to feel like we’re settled into our new home. With the exception of wall art and some organization, I feel like we are at the point where things can get done in a slow, more relaxed manner. The first time we moved to CA from Texas was stressful in the sense that we didn’t know what neighborhood we wanted to be in, the selection was slim and we had massive sticker shock on the house prices just for rent. We went from an apartment in very hilly Nob Hill, to an extended stay in Oakland and then finally to our place near Dolores Park. It was…

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    A Fairy Garden for Tinker Bell

    We are knee-deep into anything fairy-related over here. Tinker Bell is on repeat, we have countless dollar store wings, some pixie dust, and a fairy garden set. There is a house on the street where her school is that has a little fairy garden set that we see all the time. It’s got the little house, some glitter painted rocks and flowers. It’s super cute and she likes to take a good look at it all the time. My sisters gifted her a little garden kit and it was immediately built and put outside. Now she wants to make her own. We’ve been watching Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy…

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    The Housewarming Gift Homeowners Really Want

    “I don’t know what to get you as a housewarming gift”, my friend said a few weeks after we bought a house. Now mind you she had actually sold us our house, so she had given us the best housewarming gift. But it got me thinking. What gift is a good one for someone you know (or don’t), that won’t end up in a pile of items that need to be put away? Moving is overwhelming, chaotic and stressful. A gift is a great gesture, but choosing one that doesn’t add clutter to a multitude of existing boxes can be a challenge. The main goal of a housewarming gift is to…

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    birchbox for men

    For those that read my blog, you know I’ve got nothing but love for Birchbox,. This monthly subscription service sends you 4-5 high-end samples at your door. I’ve been a member since 2012 and have done several “unboxing” posts to share what I’ve gotten. Recently I got Justin a Birchbox for Men subscription and thought I’d share the goodies in his box. Note: This is not a sponsored post and I have not been compensated for this post. I love the brand and thought I’d share it with you lovely readers. Just like for the ladies, once you subscribe it’ll ask you to fill out a profile so they can match the…