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my go-to shop for baby clothes

I’ve been a fan of Zulily ever since my girl was born. A friend suggested I check it out for baby clothes when we were both feeding our newborns at all hours of the night. I remember texting each other deals that were ultimately bought at 4 a.m. In those hours, I was introduced to favorites like Robeez, Jack & Lily and Zutano.

In a way, it was another insight into the newborn baby world that I would otherwise never know before becoming a parent. I learned the difference between 24 months and 2T clothing and baby vs toddler shoe size.

Now, of course, Zulily has more than just baby clothes. They have everything from clothing and shoes to home and garden items and even wine. But as a new parent of a baby girl, it was all about the baby clothes for those first few years.

While Amazon and other retailers have a similar variety, Zulily gave me access to organic, lesser-known clothing brands that have become my go-to for baby gifts. Brands like Tea Collection, Origany and Livie and Luca. Brands you wouldn’t really know to search on Amazon but are spotlighted on Zulily and at a discount.

Want some inspiration for an upcoming shower or newborn baby gift? Here are my top 5 gifts and brands that I love!

Footie Pajamas by Burts Bees Baby

These are seriously so cute, affordable and made from organic cotton. I didn’t know Burts Bees had a clothing line as I knew them only by their lip balms and skincare products. They also have cute outfits that are soft in texture and color pattern.

Shoes by Robeez

A brand I wasn’t aware of until I became a mom, Robeez has really nice booties for babies, but they also have quality kicks for new walkers. Great construction that won’t wear easily and at a price point that won’t make you think twice once baby outgrows them.

Fun Leggings by Doodle Pants

I love these because they are so fun to put on crawling babies. With funny designs like a pink monster or sleepy sloth, they are also comfy, stretchy and easy to wash.

Organic Bodysuits by Touched by Nature

For those looking for all organic clothing, this brand is one of my favorites. While they have sets that I’ve bought for both kids, their bodysuits are super soft, wash really well and have a subtle uniqueness that I was instantly drawn to.

Blankets by Little Giraffe

Can you tell I was all about organic, soft fabrics when my littles were born? The blankets from this brand are plush and get softer every time you wash them, making them really great gifts.

So there you have it! My top 5 gifts for new parents can be found on Zulily 🙂