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    my go-to shop for baby clothes

    I’ve been a fan of Zulily ever since my girl was born. A friend suggested I check it out for baby clothes when we were both feeding our newborns at all hours of the night. I remember texting each other deals that were ultimately bought at 4 a.m. In those hours, I was introduced to favorites like Robeez, Jack & Lily and Zutano. In a way, it was another insight into the newborn baby world that I would otherwise never know before becoming a parent. I learned the difference between 24 months and 2T clothing and baby vs toddler shoe size. Now, of course, Zulily has more than just baby…

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    Emoji Day is July 17th

    Today is Emoji Day (July 17th), so I thought I’d share some tips on how to make learning fun with them! Whether it’s rainbow poop or a talking unicorn, emojis have become mainstream and a part of our everyday life. The Japanese word meaning “picture letter” has been used in almost every form of written communication. Some people even go as far as to say communication is more understood with emojis. They have become a fun way to express feelings and events across all spectrums with the use of a simple image that anyone can understand.   IDENTIFYING EMOTIONS Emotions can be difficult to process, express, and describe depending on the…

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    Attention Kids! Zulily has an Awesome Contest for Young Fashion Designers

    Superman costume with pajama pants? Backwards dress with mismatched socks? We’ve seen the sometimes crazy fashion outfits kids put together. At the end of the day, it’s all about expressing personal style and letting these little ones get creative. So while we may think these outfit ideas are a bit nuts, fashion is the perfect space to try anything and see what works. You might even be witnessing the next future Kate Spade or Christian Siriano! If you’ve been nodding your head reading this, listen up because I’ve got something I think you’ll love. Zulily is holding the most awesome contest for young fashion designers. Open now through July 31,…

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    The Power of Scents

    I just got my second COVID vaccine and after a good 48 hours of chills and body aches followed by extreme fatigue, I’m grateful to science that I am 2 weeks away from being fully protected. Everything we’ve been through this past year with the pandemic, the one resounding thing that is needed is calm. A pause in the day to make space to breathe, connect and let all the stresses melt away.  That may seem far-fetched given our daily responsibilities, but one simple thing we can do in starting on that path is to take in the power of scents. Of all five senses, the smell is the one…

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    How to use tapestry for small rooms

    Small rooms can sometimes be a challenge to decorate. You want the room to look bigger, not cramped, and be inviting and warm. Storage bins and shelves help with clutter, but where does that leave decor? Our new home has a different layout than our old one, with the rooms being smaller and the living spaces bigger. It’s been an adjustment in fitting in furniture and decor, and some creativity in storage has been needed. There are a ton of tricks out there that can help to make a room feel so much bigger than it is. Paint color, window treatments, fabric choices and strategic furniture are all great. Adding tapestry to a…

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    The Housewarming Gift Homeowners Really Want

    “I don’t know what to get you as a housewarming gift”, my friend said a few weeks after we bought a house. Now mind you she had actually sold us our house, so she had given us the best housewarming gift. But it got me thinking. What gift is a good one for someone you know (or don’t), that won’t end up in a pile of items that need to be put away? Moving is overwhelming, chaotic and stressful. A gift is a great gesture, but choosing one that doesn’t add clutter to a multitude of existing boxes can be a challenge. The main goal of a housewarming gift is to…

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    There’s a Wreath on the Door

    My daughter and I went to HomeGoods the other week to look for a new laundry basket. Somewhere I missed the memo that around age 6, this girl was REALLY into wanting every pretty thing in the store (“mom, you GOTTA have this! It’s amazing!” she says looking at a unicorn snow globe). She loves HomeGoods now. As we passed by the seasonal section, we saw the cutest egg-decorated, bunny-shaped wreath. I have never had a wreath on my door. My parents, in-laws, and friends have had them, but I never saw the interest in them. Folks, I bought the wreath and have it hanging on my door. Wreaths have…

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    Are we talking about bathing suits and summer yet?

    After being a year into this pandemic and so many plans being put on hold, canceled, and then canceled again, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Spring is here, the weather is getting a bit warmer and the kids had their first swim class this week. Summer is being planned out and it’s looking like I’ll actually be able to see my parents in over a year. If you’ve got summer fever and starting to dream about vacations and beaches and sipping sweet drinks poolside, check out my post on Zulily on bathing suits for body types. I’m a firm believer in wearing…

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    You can do it, put your back into it

    Has your posture changed since you had kids? Mine certainly has, taking a toll on my back in more ways than one. My spine tends to do a reverse c-shape because of the way I carry both kids (in the middle, on my stomach versus on my hips). My husband has a history of back problems so tweaks and stretching to avoid tweaks is an ongoing battle. We have foam rollers, pressure point thingamajigs, and ice/heating pads. But my favorite one of all is one I got for Christmas. I LOVE IT. I’m usually looking down at the computer to work or at my little ones when they need something.…

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    Do you do crafts with kids?

    I’m not one to do crafts. I have friends who are crafty, my MIL is crafty and my sister can hold her own in a DIY situation. Me, not so much. The photo above is a creation that involved a pinecone, glitter paint, pipe cleaners, and random miniatures to make a crown, head and vail. We call her the “Pinecone Princess”. I had no hand in any of it. I went to a maker space event with my sister for Christmas one year and they had a make-your-own ornament station with sewing tools. There were 8 and 9 year-olds that were breezing through it. I sewed the ornament onto itself…