You can do it, put your back into it

Has your posture changed since you had kids? Mine certainly has, taking a toll on my back in more ways than one. My spine tends to do a reverse c-shape because of the way I carry both kids (in the middle, on my stomach versus on my hips).

My husband has a history of back problems so tweaks and stretching to avoid tweaks is an ongoing battle. We have foam rollers, pressure point thingamajigs, and ice/heating pads. But my favorite one of all is one I got for Christmas. I LOVE IT.

I’m usually looking down at the computer to work or at my little ones when they need something. As a result, my shoulder blades, neck, and lower back are usually the most hurt. I’ve also been known to forgo the full body massage and just get a targeted back/shoulder one.

*side note: I can’t wait to go get a massage when things get better this year. Wondering if I can get a 24 hour one???

Anyways, a shiatsu massager is a game-changer. While I do exercises to strengthen my back like yoga, a massager like this one works wonders as it really gets the kinks out. Most of these have the option for heat, but I rarely turn that on as I find it too much for my already sore back.

I have this one, and I love how there are handles at the ends that allow you to control how much pressure you want. I also had this one for years until the stitching started to break. The pictures may give the impression that it’s uncomfortable, but I promise you, it’s not. It’s a bit bulky, but the massage is totally worth it.

So, since it looks like we’ll be here for a while, (CA has a stay-at-home order until forever), do yourself a favor and get yourselves one of these things. At least until you can get an appointment for a massage. Forgive me while I dream of the day…

**the image above is from Weng Chen, illustrator of Messy Cow. Her comics are spot on.**

Want to really strengthen your back with some targeted exercises? Check out my post on Zulily for tips and exercises to do just that!