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    Attention Kids! Zulily has an Awesome Contest for Young Fashion Designers

    Superman costume with pajama pants? Backwards dress with mismatched socks? We’ve seen the sometimes crazy fashion outfits kids put together. At the end of the day, it’s all about expressing personal style and letting these little ones get creative. So while we may think these outfit ideas are a bit nuts, fashion is the perfect space to try anything and see what works. You might even be witnessing the next future Kate Spade or Christian Siriano! If you’ve been nodding your head reading this, listen up because I’ve got something I think you’ll love. Zulily is holding the most awesome contest for young fashion designers. Open now through July 31,…

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    Hey Parents: Does Date Night Still Happen?

    My husband and I went to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary. For the first time in a year and a half, we had the opportunity to slow down and truly relax in each other’s company. Usually, our daily communication revolves around things that need to get done and kids. Our date night lasted 5 days on a beach in warm weather without having to worry about getting someone a snack. We have a date night notification on our calendar that goes off every week and 99% of the time we dismiss it. At the end of the day we are spent, ready to relax and watch some TV by ourselves.…

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    Arts and Crafts Station

    We have a LOT of empty toilet paper rolls in our house. My daughter makes a point to go around the house and collect them for a future project. We have 2 freezer bags full of them ready to be created into something. When we moved into our new house, I knew we needed a space dedicated to arts and crafts. The kids are at an age where it’s something they like to do, and a space dedicated to that is important (mostly so craft paper and glue aren’t all over the house). There is a little nook in the kitchen area that has been granted that space as a…

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    Our Kid’s Bedroom

    When our kids were little, we had them share a room but split them up once we realized they kept waking each other up at night. Not in the sweet, playful way, but the crying, bedtime routine all over again way. With a toddler and infant, that was not something we wanted to go through every night. We made the guest room a separate kid’s bedroom. After the kids got older, our girl decided on her own to sleep in her brother’s room for company. His room started out as a guest room, so there was a full-sized bed there in addition to the crib. Over the years they would…

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    New Home Fairy

    We are finally starting to feel like we’re settled into our new home. With the exception of wall art and some organization, I feel like we are at the point where things can get done in a slow, more relaxed manner. The first time we moved to CA from Texas was stressful in the sense that we didn’t know what neighborhood we wanted to be in, the selection was slim and we had massive sticker shock on the house prices just for rent. We went from an apartment in very hilly Nob Hill, to an extended stay in Oakland and then finally to our place near Dolores Park. It was…

  • remote work
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    Remote work: why asking for help is the key

    I recently read an article talking about the struggles of entering the workforce after the pandemic. The results were shocking. Check out this graph made by Moody’s Analytics: See that red line? That’s women with young children who haven’t been able to re-enter the workforce due to factors like closed schools and daycares. As a mom with a 6 and almost 4-year old, I get it. I’m lucky that I get to work from home on my own schedule and prioritize work and kids depending on the day. My husband has been working from home since March of last year. It’s tough for him to focus while the kids are…

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    A Fairy Garden for Tinker Bell

    We are knee-deep into anything fairy-related over here. Tinker Bell is on repeat, we have countless dollar store wings, some pixie dust, and a fairy garden set. There is a house on the street where her school is that has a little fairy garden set that we see all the time. It’s got the little house, some glitter painted rocks and flowers. It’s super cute and she likes to take a good look at it all the time. My sisters gifted her a little garden kit and it was immediately built and put outside. Now she wants to make her own. We’ve been watching Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy…

  • gift closet

    How to Build a Gift Closet

    Do you have a gift closet? I started one not too long ago as a way to have gifts on hand for birthday parties that I would forget about. Since COVID has given us a way out of kids’ birthday parties for a little over a year, I love that I don’t have to frantically look and buy a gift at the last minute. This is why I like the gift closet idea so much. While it’s mostly for kids, there are some adult-friendly items in there as well that serve as a last-minute hostess, acquaintance, or birthday gift. We are now starting to slowly ease up on get-togethers and…

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    You can do it, put your back into it

    Has your posture changed since you had kids? Mine certainly has, taking a toll on my back in more ways than one. My spine tends to do a reverse c-shape because of the way I carry both kids (in the middle, on my stomach versus on my hips). My husband has a history of back problems so tweaks and stretching to avoid tweaks is an ongoing battle. We have foam rollers, pressure point thingamajigs, and ice/heating pads. But my favorite one of all is one I got for Christmas. I LOVE IT. I’m usually looking down at the computer to work or at my little ones when they need something.…

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    Do you do crafts with kids?

    I’m not one to do crafts. I have friends who are crafty, my MIL is crafty and my sister can hold her own in a DIY situation. Me, not so much. The photo above is a creation that involved a pinecone, glitter paint, pipe cleaners, and random miniatures to make a crown, head and vail. We call her the “Pinecone Princess”. I had no hand in any of it. I went to a maker space event with my sister for Christmas one year and they had a make-your-own ornament station with sewing tools. There were 8 and 9 year-olds that were breezing through it. I sewed the ornament onto itself…