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Remote work: why asking for help is the key

I recently read an article talking about the struggles of entering the workforce after the pandemic. The results were shocking. Check out this graph made by Moody’s Analytics:

See that red line? That’s women with young children who haven’t been able to re-enter the workforce due to factors like closed schools and daycares. As a mom with a 6 and almost 4-year old, I get it.

I’m lucky that I get to work from home on my own schedule and prioritize work and kids depending on the day. My husband has been working from home since March of last year. It’s tough for him to focus while the kids are running around, and I’m grateful I can count on him when I need to prioritize work.

Those moms that are trying to juggle remote work with kids, it’s no easy task. Especially for those part of a team that includes co-workers that are kid-free, it can be frustrating to catch up to them. While they can work all day and take breaks when needed, there is no kid (or kids) running around, wanting to play, needing a snack, fighting with a brother or sister, or needing supervision. You don’t want to sit them in front of the TV all day, but you also have deadlines and meetings that require your full attention. Bills need to be paid, y’all.

My one piece of advice is to ask for help. Typing that out gives me pause. Ask for help from family, friends, and anyone else that can lend a hand when things are being pulled in all directions. It’s something I struggled with when I became a mom because I thought I should be able to handle it.

This past year with remote work and closed schools is something no one was prepared for. We can’t handle it all.

So if you’ve got a big presentation coming up or a deadline that needs more attention, ask for help. Whether that’s keeping the little ones at daycare for a few extra hours, asking a friend to host a playdate after school, asking for help is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. If you have family close by, a weekend with the grandparents benefits everyone.

Want some more tips on how to juggle remote work with kids? Check out my post on the Zulily blog on how to structure your day and create a workspace that sets you up for success. You can do this!