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Anytime Gifts for Moms

Mother’s Day is coming up! This year I’m celebrating all the moms in my life including my mom, mom friends, family and myself. With the year we’ve had, moms have been the true superheroes of the past crappy year. Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized how important mom friends are, so every year I send them a card to let them know how truly special they are.

But even though we have a day dedicated to moms, what about the rest of the year? Call me crazy, but I think moms deserve to be celebrated all year. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, single moms, we do so much every day that one day out of the year to feel special shouldn’t be the norm. I decided to compile a list of anytime gifts for moms that is easy, thoughtful and affordable. Wanna see? Check out my favorites below and maybe think about giving one to a mom you know that could use a token of appreciation.


This is by far my favorite anytime gift because it’s so thoughtful and totally affordable. A nice, handwritten note to tell a mom she’s appreciated and doing a great job is something we all need to hear. It goes so much further than you can imagine.  


Scents are powerful and are scientifically linked to emotions. They have an amazing way of invoking a feeling of calmness, energy or focus. If you don’t know her favorite smell, a neutral favorite like lavender, bergamot or lemon always works. For something a bit different, lemongrass is my all-time favorite.


Alright, hear me out- slippers are great gifts for moms. Gift mom a new pair that can replace her old ones. Pick ones that can be indoor/outdoor with solid arch support. This is a great gift for all moms needing a little extra comfort navigating Zoom class or feeding a baby. 


Whether it’s looking down at the computer for work or at the little ones running around, your neck is working overtime. I love these neck massagers because most come with heat, can be plugged in anywhere and give that much-needed neck and back massage when a spa appointment can’t happen. I have one plugged in right now as I write this post.


Low-maintenance houseplants that are also beautiful to look at and doesn’t take up a lot of space can be great gifts for moms. Not only does it bring nature in, but some can even purify the air- so it’s kind of a cleaning gift too! 


Finally, gifting fresh flowers in bright colors can instantly lift a mood, making it perfect anytime gifts for moms. Those mom friends that have been with you since the beginning? Random delivery of beautiful flowers would be so thoughtful.  They require some nurturing, so not the best gift for new moms. The one above was gifted by my best friend and totally brightened my day.

So the next time you’re out and about and thinking about all the moms in your life (and that includes you!), why not gift them an anytime gift? You’ll be sure to make that mom feel appreciated, loved and supported. That’s what moms do, anyways. Want more ideas? Head over to the Zulily blog and check out my post there 🙂