Arts and Crafts Station

We have a LOT of empty toilet paper rolls in our house. My daughter makes a point to go around the house and collect them for a future project. We have 2 freezer bags full of them ready to be created into something.

When we moved into our new house, I knew we needed a space dedicated to arts and crafts. The kids are at an age where it’s something they like to do, and a space dedicated to that is important (mostly so craft paper and glue aren’t all over the house). There is a little nook in the kitchen area that has been granted that space as a hub for all things creative. The kids can create while I make dinner and the mess can be organized in a way that’s not totally chaotic. It also gives my little ones freedom and independence to find and create things on their own.

The space isn’t big by any means, it’s the size of a standard pantry (a CA pantry, not a TX one), and it’s shared by a shoe storage bench that leads to the garage door. Still, I know it works because the kids go back to it frequently, sit down and color, draw or build something. I also like that our girl can help her brother with making sure the caps are on markers so he’s more equipped to do those independently without supervision later. Here is what I used to build the space:

1. Table and Chairs

I needed a place for the kids to sit and draw comfortably. While this can be on the floor or at the dining room table, we had a simple table and chairs from our old house that didn’t get much use because it was tough to get into and super cluttered.

This is the one we have:

2. Storage Cabinet

I needed something big enough that could store all the awesome crayons, glue, paper, beads, and pom-poms. I like a drawer solution that is clear and easy to get to so kids can help themselves to whatever materials their little mind is wanting to create.  

This is the one we have and I really like it:

Having everything in its place is also helpful when it’s time to clean up. For items that are randomly found around the house or while out and about, we have an old Easter basket designated to hold “treasures” that can turn into crafts.

From there, it’s all about what you want to add to the arts and crafts station. Here are some things we have in ours:

  • Paper- sketchbook, colored construction paper
  • Drawing materials-  crayons, markers, and pencils
  • Painting materials- watercolors, paintbrushes
  • Collage materials- stickers, stars, googly eyes 
  • Sculpture materials- wooden craft sticks, pipe cleaners 
  • Modeling materials- play-doh, cookie cutters 
  • Art materials- scissors, tape, glue 

There are also kits out there that come with all sorts of craft objects like googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and paper. We have a bin that holds those as well as activity books that were given as gifts.

Once you have a space that works, you’ll get a better idea of what materials and tools get the most love and you can add them in.

It really has been a good space to foster creativity and imagination for our little ones. While the space isn’t perfect and continues to be improved, it’s been such a great use of that little nook.

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