living room ideas

Living Room Inspiration

We are in new territory when it comes to our living room. Our new home is about the same size as our previous one, but the space allocated to rooms is different. This has given us much more room in our living area and less room in the bedrooms. Pros and cons, right?

Our living room is in that weird in-between space where you have your old furniture that fit in the old house just kind of sitting in a new space, unsure of where it needs to be. It’s exciting to think of what our new living room could look and feel like.

I would like a set-up that is inviting, with enough room for guests to sit and be comfortable and still leave space for it to feel open and uncluttered. As far as style, I’m transitional- meaning I like both contemporary and traditional (that or I just can’t make up my mind).

With two young kids, the challenge is also making it a space that they can hang out in as well and keep relatively clean. See below for my inspiration ideas.

The area rug I think is going to be the biggest challenge. I want something interesting, that can blend really well with a neutral color palette but also have a pop of color. With kids, the Ruggable brand looks like one I’ll have to consider. I recently did a blog post for Zulily on high traffic area rugs and what material is best. For those of you with little ones (or pets) running around, it’s a good one to read. Check it out here!