How to use tapestry for small rooms

Small rooms can sometimes be a challenge to decorate. You want the room to look bigger, not cramped, and be inviting and warm. Storage bins and shelves help with clutter, but where does that leave decor? Our new home has a different layout than our old one, with the rooms being smaller and the living spaces bigger. It’s been an adjustment in fitting in furniture and decor, and some creativity in storage has been needed.

There are a ton of tricks out there that can help to make a room feel so much bigger than it is. Paint color, window treatments, fabric choices and strategic furniture are all great. Adding tapestry to a small room might not be the first thing you think of when wanting to make a small room appear larger, but consider adding it to your idea box. After all, it’s basically works of art in soft fabric.  

A little history: Tapestry has been around since the early Middle Ages when it was used for bed chambers. The process was complicated and took some time, commonly woven by hand by a loom. They were made by repeatedly weaving the weft (horizontal threads) over and under the warp (vertical threads), then squishing (tamping) the horizontal threads down making them very close together, hiding the vertical threads from being visible. It was then woven in natural warp thread like linen, wool or cotton.  

Here are some ideas for using tapestry that works for a small room:


Not only will it be the first thing people see when they walk into a bedroom, but it will also instantly give your room personality and set the tone. Bonus if your bedspread matches the tapestry colors to bring it all together.  


If painting a room sounds too permanent and peel ‘n’ stick wallpaper isn’t your thing, how about using tapestry fabric as giant wallpaper? It’s a very budget-friendly option for those wanting something like wallpaper, but without the investment of paint or drills.  

Wallpapering with tapestry gives your walls a beautiful look that is high quality and thematic depending on your color choice and the overall theme. Choose one wall to add drama and choose pieces that will complement it in a more muted tone to bring everything together.  


Pillows, floor cushions and poofs add comfort and warmth to any room, not just the bedroom. They can instantly change the look of the space depending on fabric, colors and patterns. Try it in the living room for a cozy movie-watching experience.  

Choose one room or multiple rooms in your home to use tapestry as a decor accent piece. Whether on a wall or on a headboard, it’ll be one piece that can set the tone for your home.  

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