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    Arts and Crafts Station

    We have a LOT of empty toilet paper rolls in our house. My daughter makes a point to go around the house and collect them for a future project. We have 2 freezer bags full of them ready to be created into something. When we moved into our new house, I knew we needed a space dedicated to arts and crafts. The kids are at an age where it’s something they like to do, and a space dedicated to that is important (mostly so craft paper and glue aren’t all over the house). There is a little nook in the kitchen area that has been granted that space as a…

  • tapestry

    How to use tapestry for small rooms

    Small rooms can sometimes be a challenge to decorate. You want the room to look bigger, not cramped, and be inviting and warm. Storage bins and shelves help with clutter, but where does that leave decor? Our new home has a different layout than our old one, with the rooms being smaller and the living spaces bigger. It’s been an adjustment in fitting in furniture and decor, and some creativity in storage has been needed. There are a ton of tricks out there that can help to make a room feel so much bigger than it is. Paint color, window treatments, fabric choices and strategic furniture are all great. Adding tapestry to a…

  • living room ideas

    Living Room Inspiration

    We are in new territory when it comes to our living room. Our new home is about the same size as our previous one, but the space allocated to rooms is different. This has given us much more room in our living area and less room in the bedrooms. Pros and cons, right? Our living room is in that weird in-between space where you have your old furniture that fit in the old house just kind of sitting in a new space, unsure of where it needs to be. It’s exciting to think of what our new living room could look and feel like. I would like a set-up that…

  • wreath

    There’s a Wreath on the Door

    My daughter and I went to HomeGoods the other week to look for a new laundry basket. Somewhere I missed the memo that around age 6, this girl was REALLY into wanting every pretty thing in the store (“mom, you GOTTA have this! It’s amazing!” she says looking at a unicorn snow globe). She loves HomeGoods now. As we passed by the seasonal section, we saw the cutest egg-decorated, bunny-shaped wreath. I have never had a wreath on my door. My parents, in-laws, and friends have had them, but I never saw the interest in them. Folks, I bought the wreath and have it hanging on my door. Wreaths have…

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    why the walls will forever be beige

    Our new house has 5 freshly painted rooms. We were just going to do 2. I messed up and we had to paint the ceiling. I don’t think I’ll be painting for a while. Let me back up… When we moved to our new home, my best friend and realtor kindly offered to paint the 2 rooms that looked like they could use a fresh coat. Looking through paint chips for a cool color was an option, but the choices are overwhelming and I didn’t have the headspace to go through that process. We decided to go with beige. She likes to paint, knows the process and I was super…