why the walls will forever be beige

Our new house has 5 freshly painted rooms. We were just going to do 2. I messed up and we had to paint the ceiling. I don’t think I’ll be painting for a while.

Let me back up…

When we moved to our new home, my best friend and realtor kindly offered to paint the 2 rooms that looked like they could use a fresh coat. Looking through paint chips for a cool color was an option, but the choices are overwhelming and I didn’t have the headspace to go through that process. We decided to go with beige. She likes to paint, knows the process and I was super grateful. I went over one day to learn the basics, listened to music, chatted and painted the kitchen wall. It was fun, the walls looked great and I was starting to think painting wasn’t that hard. It’s relaxing and meditative, right?

We decided to do another wall. Followed by the large living room. My husband did the office. After all the rooms were painted, the only one that was left was the master bedroom. We couldn’t leave that one out. So I went in and painted that one too. After all, it was the last one. How much time would it take? Easy.


After the first coat was done and left to dry, I felt good about myself and the room. The next day I came back and it was awful. Streaks left and right, ultimately leaving me to paint it again. It was our master bedroom and I couldn’t give up now. Damnit. I decided that this time I was going to take my time and not miss any spots. Left it to dry. Came back and the walls looked great. No streaks and I was pretty proud of myself at this point.

Then I looked up. It looked like popcorn on the edges of the ceiling. I had accidentally tapped it with the roller making sure I got the top of the walls. Yep, we had to paint the ceiling.

Thankfully my husband and father-in-law took the job. It looks beautiful, my walls are streak-free and a fresh coat of paint really does wonders for a room. The beige color is perfect and I didn’t have to make a trip to Home Depot and look at paint samples.

Our new home is freshly painted, and since we did basically the whole house, it’s sweat equity right? That’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

If you struggle with picking paint colors as much as I do, head over to the Zulily blog and check out my post on beige being the “it” color for walls (seriously, it just won Paint Color of the Year). It’s not boring!