There’s a Wreath on the Door

My daughter and I went to HomeGoods the other week to look for a new laundry basket. Somewhere I missed the memo that around age 6, this girl was REALLY into wanting every pretty thing in the store (“mom, you GOTTA have this! It’s amazing!” she says looking at a unicorn snow globe). She loves HomeGoods now.

As we passed by the seasonal section, we saw the cutest egg-decorated, bunny-shaped wreath. I have never had a wreath on my door. My parents, in-laws, and friends have had them, but I never saw the interest in them. Folks, I bought the wreath and have it hanging on my door.

Wreaths have a big place in the DIY and home decor space. You can go all out and do a wreath for every season. I know for me, that Easter one is going to be up until the holidays. DIY is an option for some, and I’ve seen some pretty creative ones out there. I’m not jumping on that train.

I’ve been gifted some beautiful plants since moving in, and have taken an interest in plants and all that they can do (some purify the air, who knew!). With the beautiful garden of roses, daisies, tulips and gardenia outside that the previous owner took such great care of, greenery in our new home is set.

Evergreen wreaths that can be up all year and don’t need to be taken care of would be so beautiful to match our new front yard. If you are in the same boat and looking to add a cool wreath to your front door, check out some of my favorites below!

This one would be so pretty with our lemon tree in our front yard! www.williams-sonoma.com
Super chic and made out of felt leaves. www.etsy.com
Of course, Chip and Joanna Gaines have a magnolia wreath. This one is so pretty and simple shop.magnolia.com
Two of my favorite herbal scents- lavender and rosemary. Would smell amazing walking in the front door! www.williams-sonoma.com
Minimalist and beautiful wreath with eucalyptus branches www.etsy.com
Made with paper roses, this one would be so beautiful against a dark door food52.com

Want some more wreath inspiration? Head over to the Zulily blog for more beautiful wreaths for every season 🙂