The Housewarming Gift Homeowners Really Want

“I don’t know what to get you as a housewarming gift”, my friend said a few weeks after we bought a house. Now mind you she had actually sold us our house, so she had given us the best housewarming gift. But it got me thinking. What gift is a good one for someone you know (or don’t), that won’t end up in a pile of items that need to be put away?

Moving is overwhelming, chaotic and stressful. A gift is a great gesture, but choosing one that doesn’t add clutter to a multitude of existing boxes can be a challenge. The main goal of a housewarming gift is to not conflict with the decor style or aesthetic of the home.

I’ve got some ideas that’ll work.

gift idea

Kitchen Towels 

With so many styles, colors and fabrics, kitchen towels are one of the most useful housewarming gifts. From funny sayings to luxurious fabric that can even be personalized, it’s a gift that will get immediate use. I’ve given some pretty awesome kitchen towels as gifts for birthdays and they are always a hit.

Throw Blankets 

Find blankets in neutral colors in soft fabric that can be thrown on the couch. Stay away from bright colors and patterns that could detract from the decor style. Machine-washable is a plus!  


Save this gift for a friend or family member, as bedsheets can sometimes be too personal to give to someone you don’t know as well. That being said, sleeping on brand new, freshly washed sheets on the first night in your new home sounds pretty awesome.  

Snack Basket

Dinner meals and snack bags are a much appreciated and simple gift. A basket full of snacks for the kids during that crazy time where they are hungry but you don’t know where my of the food is can be a lifesaver. Parents everywhere will applaud you!


Honey is a great gift, especially if it’s local. Because local honey contains a blend of local pollen, it can strengthen a person’s immune system and reduce allergies, making it a useful gift in a stressful time.  

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Make no mistake, a nice bottle of Champagne, wine or spirits is totally appropriate and appreciated to celebrate the momentous occasion. Personalize the label or make it a cocktail gift basket with mixers and garnishes.

Homemade Baked Treats 

Let’s not underestimate the deliciousness of a box of cookies or a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls. Baked goods are always appreciated, don’t take up any permanent counter space and are super thoughtful. If you’ve taken up baking this past year like I have, it’s a great time to put those skills to work.

Family Game 

Board games, puzzles, or even a movie rental with popcorn, a housewarming gift that includes the whole family is a solid idea. Make sure to take note of kids’ ages and interests and cater it to the whole crew. We are fully in the animated Disney/Pixar world, but older kids or even couples without kids can benefit from this idea.

Gift Cards 

Drive around the neighborhood and see if there are some cool restaurants or entertainment venues that look fun and give them a night out in their neighborhood.  

Another great gift card idea is for anything they might need in their new home including furniture, tools, or decor. Consider it your contribution to helping them design the home of their dreams.  

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A candle or diffuser is a classic gift andfor good reason. A calming lavender can be lit in the evenings and set the mood to end the day, while citrus can boost energy during that mid-day slump. I personally like lemongrass as it’s not too fragrant, great for the living or kitchen, and smells wonderful.  


A plant is a great housewarming gift for both green and black thumbs. Find plants that don’t require a lot of love and care and can withstand some neglect, because there are a lot of other things going on. 

A snake plant is beautiful, can be left alone for weeks with a little water and indirect sunlight, and even works to clean the air of toxins and pollutants. Another option is a money tree and is said to bring wealth to the receiver. Fun fact: the custom is for the recipient to “stick a dime in the soil” to ensure an abundance of prosperity.  

Door Wreath 

For a simple gift that is considered decor but can be hung and forgotten about, consider an evergreen door wreath. Choose magnolia, olive branches, and simple plants that can either be bought or DIY. 

Tool Kit 

Whether it has just the basics or professional grade for the home builder, a tool kit is a great gift. Tasks are bound to come up, so it’s best to be prepared for those little jobs. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra hammer and set of nails around.  


How about an Echo Dot or Google Mini for the family? These portable devices have game capabilities and can even sync up with shopping apps and even turn on your TV! 

Finding a housewarming gift for a new homeowner can be fun, thoughtful and functional all at the same time. My friend ended up gifting me a fig leaf tree, which was PERFECT. I had just gotten into plants, we have a garden full of roses, daffodils and succulents and I was just reading up on indoor plants that purify the air and can be neglected a bit (jackpot).

Want more recommendations? Head over to the Zulily blog and check out their wide selection of gifts any new homeowner will love. Happy shopping!