work environment

What kind of work environment do you thrive in?

work environment

Last night Justin and I sat down to finally watch Wolf of Wall Street. We usually make an effort to watch the Oscar nominated films before the awards show, but some always seem to fall through the cracks. This movie was one of those.

In watching it, I couldn’t help but think of the fact that I would never thrive in that kind of environment. That high-strung, fast-paced, do what it takes, this-is-you-life kind of environment. It’s the same reason why I could never make it in New York City (I would be that girl crying in the corner as people walk past telling me to get out-of-the-way).

Do you know what work environment you thrive in? Is it structured? Black and white? Do you prefer a big open work space or individual cubes or offices (do people even have offices anymore?).

I’ve always been an introvert. Quiet, observant, and for those that like personality tests, an INFP. I know that I work best in unstructured environments, working collectively or independently, and with flexibility. My favorite work memories are those with a small team, where creatively was encouraged.

How about you? What kind of work environment do you thrive in? Also, what’s your take on work environment versus home environment?

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Have a great week!

p.s. what kind of grocery shopper are you?