Do you wear jeans?

There are those who live in a pair of jeans and there are those who don’t. The average person owns 7 pairs of jeans. With it being such a fashion staple for everyone, it’s no wonder around 450 million pairs are sold every year.

I’m not a denim girl. To me, they are a hard pass next to my joggers and leggings. I know, I’m not in the popular camp, but to be honest, I never was.

I remember growing up my mom HATED jeans. Denim was bought and worn a lot, but it was in the jegging, dressy pants-style. She thought jeans were “fachosa”, or informal.

If she thought jeans were fachosa, I’m not sure where joggers land on the scale.

Yes, there are a ton of styles and cuts and lengths and washes and fabric, but I haven’t found my jean soulmate yet. Being 5’4, with a booty, and plus-size, it’s already challenging. They have marketed for my body type for years, but haven’t found my pair yet.

It’s hard to go for zippers and buttons and rough fabric when your fleece-lined, drawstring skinny joggers are right there. During a pandemic. When the only thing you have to do that day around people is pick up your kid from school (which I am eternally grateful to be able to say in CA). Tough call. In my closet, my jeans don’t stand a chance.

If I had to go for a pair of denim, it would most likely be bootcut, followed by the skinny jean (oh you Millenials better watch out- might even go for the side part too!).

But for now, I’m holding on to my joggers and yoga pants. We’re basically besties.

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