Dance it out, seriously.

Do you have a favorite at-home workout? For me, it’s dance. Dancing has always been my jam, moving the body, learning choreography, and letting my alter ego out.

Dancing was always around growing up. I’m part Mexican, so any excuse my mom had to party, she was down, with music and dancing being involved 99.9% of the time. It became something that just naturally happened at parties.

As I got older, I discovered hip-hop and it’s honestly my favorite. I love the beat, the choreography, the dress code (no heels! As comfy and loose as possible!), and the way it encourages you to release that sassy, diva-like, confident self. I taught classes for a while which I really enjoyed and now I try to involve my kids in hip-hop and any kind of music at all times of the day.

My kids LOVE music. My daughter digs the contemporary style. She feels it in her body and when a song comes on that sparks joy, she closes her eyes and starts moving. She’s in a ballerina phase right now. The pink tutus and sparkly tiaras are really hitting it home. I can tell my son likes more of a beat, so he might be my hip-hopper. Who knows. All I know is that they love music and dancing and I’m here for it.

My favorite dance studio happens to be in San Francisco called Mission Dance. That place makes me so happy. It’s tucked in the Mission district, has that urban, underground vibe but is totally accepting of anyone just wanting to dance regardless of experience, age, or look. My favorite instructor looks like a football player and he is FABULOUS. I get to leave my #momlife behind for 2 hours and learn some boss choreography to music with profanity. It’s the bomb. I don’t go there as much anymore due to distance and just life in general, but the decision to go is never one I regret.

Now with COVID and everything STILL closed (especially in CA), it’s tough to go anywhere, much less an indoor sweaty studio. My Texas peeps are out having drinks on patios and working out at gyms. Unless, of course, the whole state is frozen, to which I say “let it goooooo”.

Had to go for a kids reference, right?

I’ve resorted to doing workouts at home. While there is no replacement for being in a room with other dancers, music on full blast, and an instructor yelling “cat cat, heyyyyy” (those are counts, BTW), as my mom would say, it is what it is.

So here are my favorite workout apps/videos if you want to try them at home. If you’re lucky to be able to go to a studio to dance it out, I’m super jealous but also super happy for you. There’s nothing like it, but you already knew that.

Fitness Marshall– Y’all want to laugh, have a blast and break a sweat at the same time? Check out Caleb’s videos. While he offers some free sessions on YouTube, to access all you need a subscription. I don’t currently subscribe, but I wouldn’t blame you if you did!

RxMoves– I know from personal experience that the instructors at RxMoves live and breathe dance and fitness, and I’m not saying that because one of the founders is my sister. Check out their online channel and get ready to twerk it out. If you live in the DFW area, they are doing small group in-person classes!

Apple Fitness– Seamless integration if you have an iWatch, just connect and go. I love it because it’s easy to get started, the choreography is good and it’s all under 30 minutes. They cater to newbie as well as seasoned dancers.

Dance Mission– My favorite studio is offering online as well as outdoor classes if you’re in the Bay Area. Check out their schedule!

I hope I’ve convinced you to at least give dancing a try. Research says that dancing not only helps your mood, but it helps your brain too. How cool is that? If you’re looking for more workout tips and how to do it at home, check out my post on Zulily!