• workout

    Do you have a workout routine?

    Everyone has been home for a year and a workout room is basically your bedroom/living room/garage/spare bedroom. That’s where we’re at. While some gyms and studios are starting to open, the safest bet is DIY. I’ve been getting into the FitOn and Apple Fitness workout apps and finally bit the bullet and got a 6-piece weight set from Amazon (no longer in stock). Strength workouts are awesome, but a lot of them required some kind of weights and the water bottles/canned vegetables weren’t cutting it. I was into the workout routine about a month and a half ago. I would set up my girl in her room on her iPad…

  • dance

    Dance it out, seriously.

    Do you have a favorite at-home workout? For me, it’s dance. Dancing has always been my jam, moving the body, learning choreography, and letting my alter ego out. Dancing was always around growing up. I’m part Mexican, so any excuse my mom had to party, she was down, with music and dancing being involved 99.9% of the time. It became something that just naturally happened at parties. As I got older, I discovered hip-hop and it’s honestly my favorite. I love the beat, the choreography, the dress code (no heels! As comfy and loose as possible!), and the way it encourages you to release that sassy, diva-like, confident self. I…