Do you have a workout routine?

Everyone has been home for a year and a workout room is basically your bedroom/living room/garage/spare bedroom. That’s where we’re at. While some gyms and studios are starting to open, the safest bet is DIY.

I’ve been getting into the FitOn and Apple Fitness workout apps and finally bit the bullet and got a 6-piece weight set from Amazon (no longer in stock). Strength workouts are awesome, but a lot of them required some kind of weights and the water bottles/canned vegetables weren’t cutting it.

I was into the workout routine about a month and a half ago. I would set up my girl in her room on her iPad for class, go to my room and put on a workout session. FitOn has these great monthly challenges where it just picks a workout for you every day. Sometimes it’s yoga (yay!) and sometimes it’s HITT (boo!). It was great because it eliminated the endless scrolling to see what workout looked good for the day. I would do it for 15-30 minutes while she was in her session before break. Long enough for me to workout in peace and short enough to be done before the inevitable “Mommy, I’m on a break!!”

Then we bought a house and everything went to shit.

Workouts were traded in for packing boxes (which is still a workout I think?), unpacking and organizing became the new normal, and I just became way too tired and stressed to make space for myself and my body. I definitely don’t know where those damn weights are now.

So where do we go from here? I try to give myself some grace. I try to remember the feeling while I was working out and find the motiviation to do it again. The feeling of strength, peace, flexibility and doing the one thing that’s for me. If you’re struggling like me, I hear ya. The apps are still there, the space will be found and the time will be well spent. Someday. When the time is right.

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