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You Should Make a COVID-19 Time Capsule

When all of this started, the four of us were in limbo trying to figure out not only our feelings, but what we would do with this newfound time spent together. Inside. Without outside help.

I was on the cusp of being able to have a few hours to myself for the first time during the summer while both kids were old enough to go to school and have it carried over in the Fall. So when everything shut down, all of that became null and void.

Our family was thrown into different versions of our day: my husband had to figure out how to work from home with two little ones running around, I had to get into daily schedule-planning mode so the kids wouldn’t just watch TV all day (which is totally out of my element), my daughter had to accept the fact that school and friends and playgrounds (monkey bars in particular) were on hold for now, and both kids had to figure out how to hang with each other without driving the other one crazy.

Some days were really tough, with everyone at each others throats mixed in with lots of time-outs. Other days were exhausting and TV became our best friend. And then other days were joyous to witness our two little ones looking for each other to play followed by that laughter that makes you laugh from how wonderful it is.

One day, I was looking through my massive-sized saved folder of “what the hell am I going to keep the kids busy with” and I saw an email with a COVID time capsule for adults and kids created by Long Creations. When my son went down for a nap and husband was working on a day that was calm and creative, my daughter and I sat down and worked on it together.

And it was great.

While the adult version focused on what is going on during the pandemic, the trends at the time, and what you are doing to cope, the kid version was more focused on feelings and thoughts on the future when this is all over. It was incredibly eye-opening to see what is going on in that little 5 year old’s head. It was also really cathartic for me to let some of those things that had been in my head out on paper.

The pandemic is still here, and with that comes A LOT of feelings for everyone. If you’ve got an inkling to document this time, check out the (free) time capsule workbook. You can find it here.