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Mya 🙂

It just now occurred to me that I haven’t written a post about my little doggie yet. Well let me tell you, she’s my little furry love ball. I really did get lucky with this adorable beagle. I bought her at a pet store before I really knew about all this puppy mill disaster. She was calm and feel asleep in my arms. “Oh she’s going to be so calm” is what I said to myself. Turns out she was just tired…When I brought her home my sisters, mom and I sat in a circle and tried to name her. My sister suggested Lacy and looking back that name would’ve worked as well. I am a big music fan so I wanted her to have an artists’ name. Mya was having a great year so that was what we named her.

I quickly realized what I had gotten myself into during her “terrible twos” when she chewed up my apartment carpet, sofa armrest and sisters boots as well as the 2 years it took her to not pee in the house. I reached my breaking point one time and opened the door for her to walk out (as she looked at me with the “are we going out now? I can pee again!)” look on her face. She was too cute that her stubbornness just brushed over until she did it again. She decided to squeeze out of the patio bars one night (Superbowl Sunday in Houston in fact) and it took a lot of tears, printing flyers and late night walks until someone found her in the parking lot. She just had the look of “Mom, I had a blast exploring the past 2 days!”. I hugged her and probably could’ve strangled her that day.

Slowly though, as she’s gotten older, she’s become the perfect companion. She’s been through the ups and downs with me. Losing jobs, getting sick, and meeting my now husband. She’s been my gatekeeper and we are a package deal. I remember the first time my husband met Mya. It was Oktoberfest in Addison and my apartment was a mess. I forgot my clicker and we went up to my place to get it. First one to greet us is Mya and she quickly started sniffing him, feeling him out for any bad vibes. She’s a very friendly dog and people can’t help but pet her, but she’s also a good judge of character. He petted her, and she was wagging her tail as any happy dog could be. Even with my husbands picky habits of having dogs on furniture, she now listens to him more than me… I have to say he loves that dog. She was even on our cake topper at our wedding.

At 8 years old she’s a lot calmer, sleeps (I mean snores) a lot, and plays with ropes and balls, likes to open presents and destroys anything with a squeaker in it. She loves squirrels even though I have no idea what she would do if she caught one. When we go to my parents house it’s like camp for this dog. Runs without a leash in the backyard, looks for squirrels and plays with her cousins (2 toy french poodles belonging to my parents and 1 mini schnauzer belonging to my sister). She has a blast and usually comes home from “camp” tired and fat.

Oh the life of this dog. I always say that when I come back in my next life I want to be her. I’ve attached some pictures of her for you to enjoy 🙂