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Insight is very powerful

“You eventually realize what you were meant to do with your life around 30. Before that you’re stretching, and some people stretch longer or shorter than that. But when you finally realize what you’re meant to do, it’s awesome.”

I heard that from a potential client a co-worker and I met this morning. She’s the founder of a natural aromatherapy skincare line, a dancer and dance studio owner in her younger years, and a personality that you just want to be around just to hear her insight on life. People like that inspire me. The fact that she went to France on a whim to study fragrances, only to realize that the experience had changed her life into what she is today is inspiring, don’t you think?

As she was talking to us about her line, the ideas she had for the future, and all the while showing us cool paper that she’s collected over the years (because my co-worker and I love unique paper, as noted in my wedding invitation) I got giddy and started thinking about my life. What was I meant to do? My first thought was that I needed to get out of the job I was at and go into personal care because I loved product development so much (and hearing her talk about new ideas made me want to raise my hand and say “I would love to help you with that!”)

On my way back to work however, I came to the realization that I loved product development so much because I was free to be as creative as I wanted to be. Having an open canvas excites me. The possibilities and ideas are endless. Even if the line didn’t get to launch, I loved doing research on trends, coming up with a product story and working with design. I LOVE it.

That’s why I love my Tuesday nights hip hop class. I can do ANY dance to ANY song in ANY format. As long as the people love it, I’m doing it. That’s why I have recently liked blogging. It’s a blank page where I can put as many or as little words as I want. I am free to write about anything and any time.

So I came to the realization that I AM doing what I was meant to do. It may not be in the right industry, the right surroundings, or the right job description, but I get to be CREATIVE. Being creative is wonderful. Coming up with ideas out of the blue and seeing them flourish is amazing.

I also realized that a creative mind is finicky and delicate. I work best when I’m left to do what I do without restrictions, come up with ideas without interference. Once limitations, approvals, processes and forms come into play, I lose my stamina. Now I don’t want you to get the wrong idea that I’m not open to critique and new ideas. I LOVE brainstorming. Getting a group together with like minds are where the big ideas come together. Creative minds just work differently. I get inspired in the evenings. That’s when I write in my blog, make up choreography and work on new ideas for work. My mind just works better at night.

I always said that my perfect job would be one where I could come up with ideas all day. I have to say that for most of my career life, I’ve been able to do that.

I’m still stretching at 31, but I have high hopes that one day I’ll find that perfect synergy of what I’m meant to do and where I’m meant to do it. Once that happens, the sky is the limit 🙂