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    Go Love Yourself

      Learning to love yourself can be one of the hardest things we as human beings can do. With pressure from pretty much everyone (including ourselves), it’s sometimes easier to find the flaws in us than in the great is us. I know that for me, it’s so easy to think of the negative. That I’m not thin enough or smart enough. That I’m not a morning person or that I’m not a social butterfly. It’s a shame that we go to the negative instead of the positive when we think of ourselves. However, when I think of the great things that make up who I am, I know that I can…

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    finding what you love

    Finding what you love can be life’s saving grace. It serves as a distraction, an esteem booster, a blissful waste of time and if you’re lucky and work hard, what you love could even be your job.  I’ve had many loves in my life that have played an important role in my life. Music Music was always playing in my house since I was a baby. I remember being woken up on the weekends by my parents blasting music of Cher, Simon and Garfunkel and Dianne Warwick along with Italian and Latin artists while my mom made breakfast. After elementary school, I entered into the standard identity crisis phase known…

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    Mya 🙂 It just now occurred to me that I haven’t written a post about my little doggie yet. Well let me tell you, she’s my little furry love ball. I really did get lucky with this adorable beagle. I bought her at a pet store before I really knew about all this puppy mill disaster. She was calm and feel asleep in my arms. “Oh she’s going to be so calm” is what I said to myself. Turns out she was just tired…When I brought her home my sisters, mom and I sat in a circle and tried to name her. My sister suggested Lacy and looking back that…