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why dancing is the answer to everything


“Seriously, you can’t play that song one more time or I might lose it”

“Hold on, just one more time, I have to get this one last 8 count down”

There are songs my husband can’t listen to because I have reached the maximum number of replays in his book. Artists like Beyonce, Usher and Britney (back in the day when she was good) have fallen victim of this terrible end result.

When I taught hip hop, I would comb through YouTube to find interesting choreography, ways to make your body move to feel the music in the best way possible. Dancing is the ultimate way to do that. it also improves brain function, making you smarter, so you have that going for you too.

I don’t remember a year in my childhood that I wasn’t dancing. Growing up with a Mexican mother, it was embedded into my body like a sixth sense. If I heard music (or even if I didn’t), I would start dancing a la Weekend at Bernie’s. New Years parties, birthdays and vacations in Mexico only encouraged this behavior. My mom taught me how to salsa and just feel the music. MTV videos taught me hip hop.

Dancing is many things. A creative outlet, a work-out, stress reliever, out-of-your-comfort-box promoter and romance igniter. It’s the answer to everything. Take the following questions, for example:

How do I make a girl feel special? Take her out dancing 

How can I burn off that delicious cheesecake that I had a bite (or 4) of? Zumba cardio will do it 

What’s the best way to avoid strangling my co-worker for losing an important client? Play some dub step and crunk the hell out of it

How do I improve my flexibility? Take a beginners contemporary dance class

My husband and I need to spice things up. What is something different we could try? Take ballroom classes

I’m having the crappiest of the crappiest kind of day. How do get in a better mood? Put this song on and dance it out. 

Ellen DeGeneres does it on her show every day and she claims to not be a good dancer. It just makes her feel good and starts the show off on such a positive note.

Dancing has been my creative outlet when I was drowning in a logical marketing role, a stress reliever when I would have a bad day and the difference between a night out and an awesome time.

So do yourself a favor and dance. It’s the answer to everything 🙂

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