tea gift

Tea: my favorite gift for all

Tea is always a great gift to give. Whether for the holidays, a hostess gift or for teachers, tea really is a no-brainer. From pretty packaging to variety, you can’t lose. For those of us shopping last minute (hi, over here!), tea hits the mark.

Growing up, my mom always had a collection of teas in the pantry. Whether we wanted something sweet, caffeine-free, holiday-themed or to soothe an ailment like tummy-aches or sleeplessness, my mom’s tea stash was always plentiful.

You might also be wondering why I’m talking about tea when COFFEE is literally in my blog name. Well, I don’t discriminate. Any hot beverage including hot cocoa and apple cider deserves a place in our drinking portfolio.

Now unlike coffee (for the most part), tea actually has a ton of benefits, and there seem to be some pretty cool events in the arena of tea. High tea is one of my favorite things to do with family and friends. Since our girl was 3, my bestie and I would go do Christmas tea at a fancy hotel and dress up to celebrate the holidays. Damn you COVID for taking it away this year.

Below are my 3 favorite tea brands that always have great ready-to-go gifts that are beautifully packaged, fun and make you look like you thought this through (even if you didn’t).

David’s Tea

My favorite go-to gift for basically anyone, David’s tea is a one-stop shop for tea and accessories. With flavors like Santa’s Secret (black tea with peppermint pieces and sprinkles) to Mother’s Helper (chamomille, rosehips and lemongrass) I can’t recommend it enough. The ready-to-go gifts are great and very reasonably priced.

Tea Forte

Beautifully packaged and equally delicious, Tea Forte should also be on your list. I was gifted a box from some relatives years ago and although they knew very little about our tastes as a family, it was such a great gift. The tea is individually bagged in little triangles and each one is packaged in a way that makes you feel like you are opening something special.

Tea Drops

Shaped to look like little “drops”, it’s a fun gift for anyone. The sampler box is only $19 and comes with 9 flavors including chocolate earl grey and matcha green tea. The packaging is beautiful enough to stick a bow on top and call it a day.

Trust me when I say tea gifts are generally well received. From teachers to grandparents, mom friends to sisters, gifting a box of tea can be a sanity-saver. Not only are you gifting a pretty package, but you’re also gifting some pretty great health perks that only tea can bring to the table. Want to dive more into the amazing benefits of tea? Check out my post on Zulily and get a crash course on the different types of teas and their benefits.