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gift ideas for acquaintances

Gift ideas for acquaintances can be challenging.

Gifting isn’t just for the holidays coming up, it happens year round for occasions like birthdays, promotions, new additions, big news, etc. It’s easy to get gifts for people who I know well- family, close friends, etc., but  gift ideas for acquaintances seem to always stump me.

These are tough because there are 2 criteria I like follow:

1. It can’t be too expensive

2. It needs to be thoughtful.

So here are some ideas that might work for you if you have an acquaintance that you want to give something to. This could be a boss, co-worker, friend-of-a-friend that has done something nice for you, or even a distant family member that you’ll be seeing during the holidays:

1. Homemade Cookies: My sister actually does this for some co-workers and I think it’s a great idea. It doesn’t cost a lot, is easy to do and is thoughtful. Purchase the refrigerated cookie mix at the grocery store (I happen to like Pillsbury brand), make them the night before and wrap them up in cellophane with a ribbon on top. Easy, breezy, thoughtful and delicious.

Homemade Cookes

2. Starbucks Gift Card: Great for co-workers or even bosses. Who doesn’t like coffee? A simple $10-$20 will give them enough coffee to be thinking about you and how you totally deserve that promotion. Plus you’ll help them get that caffeine fix to take the edge off the morning grumpiness.

Starbucks Gift Card

3. Candy/Chocolate: Great for the holiday season. Just find a red/green tin at the dollar store, fill with chocolate and candy minis and tape a holiday tag on the side. You didn’t even have to make anything and it costs you under $10. Plus, candy always wins.

Candy Tin


4. Alcohol: A nice bottle of wine is hard to offend, unless that person doesn’t drink or is strongly against it (if that’s the case, they would’ve made it known to you by now). A bottle of Prosecco (sparkling wine less sweet than Moscato) is a nice thoughtful gift and is perfect for toasting. If wine isn’t their thing, the liquor store has a plethora of choices.  


Have you got an idea for a great gift for an acquaintance? With the holidays coming up ideas are always needed, so feel free to share your own in the comments below!