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    Anytime Gifts for Moms

    Mother’s Day is coming up! This year I’m celebrating all the moms in my life including my mom, mom friends, family and myself. With the year we’ve had, moms have been the true superheroes of the past crappy year. Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized how important mom friends are, so every year I send them a card to let them know how truly special they are. But even though we have a day dedicated to moms, what about the rest of the year? Call me crazy, but I think moms deserve to be celebrated all year. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, single moms, we do so much every day that…

  • gift closet

    How to Build a Gift Closet

    Do you have a gift closet? I started one not too long ago as a way to have gifts on hand for birthday parties that I would forget about. Since COVID has given us a way out of kids’ birthday parties for a little over a year, I love that I don’t have to frantically look and buy a gift at the last minute. This is why I like the gift closet idea so much. While it’s mostly for kids, there are some adult-friendly items in there as well that serve as a last-minute hostess, acquaintance, or birthday gift. We are now starting to slowly ease up on get-togethers and…

  • tea gift

    Tea: my favorite gift for all

    Tea is always a great gift to give. Whether for the holidays, a hostess gift or for teachers, tea really is a no-brainer. From pretty packaging to variety, you can’t lose. For those of us shopping last minute (hi, over here!), tea hits the mark. Growing up, my mom always had a collection of teas in the pantry. Whether we wanted something sweet, caffeine-free, holiday-themed or to soothe an ailment like tummy-aches or sleeplessness, my mom’s tea stash was always plentiful. You might also be wondering why I’m talking about tea when COFFEE is literally in my blog name. Well, I don’t discriminate. Any hot beverage including hot cocoa and…

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    gift ideas for acquaintances

    Gift ideas for acquaintances can be challenging. Gifting isn’t just for the holidays coming up, it happens year round for occasions like birthdays, promotions, new additions, big news, etc. It’s easy to get gifts for people who I know well- family, close friends, etc., but  gift ideas for acquaintances seem to always stump me. These are tough because there are 2 criteria I like follow: 1. It can’t be too expensive 2. It needs to be thoughtful. So here are some ideas that might work for you if you have an acquaintance that you want to give something to. This could be a boss, co-worker, friend-of-a-friend that has done something nice for you, or even a distant family member that…