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New Home Fairy

We are finally starting to feel like we’re settled into our new home. With the exception of wall art and some organization, I feel like we are at the point where things can get done in a slow, more relaxed manner.

The first time we moved to CA from Texas was stressful in the sense that we didn’t know what neighborhood we wanted to be in, the selection was slim and we had massive sticker shock on the house prices just for rent. We went from an apartment in very hilly Nob Hill, to an extended stay in Oakland and then finally to our place near Dolores Park.

It was a whirlwind of emotions. I missed my family and Texas, the houses were no where near the size and layout of the Texas ones I was used to, and my husband was working hard to make a good impression at a new company that we moved here for. After some time, we made that downstairs 800 square foot apartment our home. Then I got pregnant and decided the city was not going to be for us.

The search began again, checking Craigslist every 5 minutes and booking it over to the house whenever one would show up that met our criteria. We found our place thinking we had a month to slowly move in and unpack. The week after we got the keys, our daughter was born. Little did we know that the place we found and unpacked so quickly in a time of chaos was would eventually be the home where our kids would have their baby years. Let’s just say the goodbye to that house was flooded by emotions. I sat in my daughter’s empty room and just cried from so many wonderful memories of our growing family from 2, then 3 and finally 4.

This is the first time we’ve moved with kiddos around, not to mention in a pandemic where help is limited. The search for a home started, and we found and moved in a lot quicker than my husband and I expected, but that’s the way it goes, I suppose. While the kids remember the old house, this new house is where they’ll have a ton of memories as they get older, go to school, meet new friends and go on new adventures.

While we were in the process of moving, the kids were really left to pay and entertain themselves as we were busy moving and packing and doing all the things that new homeowners do. I felt bad that they were transitioning in a way that was disconnected and rushed, but I am grateful for the friends and family that thought to make that transition for them a little bit easier and fun.

My best friend (who also happened to be our realtor), introduced them to the concept of a “new home fairy” that comes at night and leaves a gift for the kids moving into a new home. Fairies are all the rage right now in our house, and you can basically make one up for just about anything. It was the perfect housewarming gift idea for the kiddos, and one that I will always remember as super simple and super thoughtful.

I love the idea of a New Home Fairy, where parents (or friends) can leave a little gift in the new kid’s room. It can make the transition a little bit easier, with kids feeling special with the element of surprise. Gift ideas include sidewalk chalk, bath toys, flowers, legos, or a new stuffed animal.

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