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    Remote work: why asking for help is the key

    I recently read an article talking about the struggles of entering the workforce after the pandemic. The results were shocking. Check out this graph made by Moody’s Analytics: See that red line? That’s women with young children who haven’t been able to re-enter the workforce due to factors like closed schools and daycares. As a mom with a 6 and…

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    Anytime Gifts for Moms

    Mother’s Day is coming up! This year I’m celebrating all the moms in my life including my mom, mom friends, family and myself. With the year we’ve had, moms have been the true superheroes of the past crappy year. Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized how important mom friends are, so every year I send them a card to let…

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    Self-love is a term that’s been thrown around a lot. Almost to the point of making you feel bad about it if you don’t love yourself in a way that is apparent to the world. The quote above is awesome, but also overwhelming. Love EVERY PART OF MYSELF? Taking care of MY OWN NEEDS? It seems far-fetched. I did not…

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    Starting a Movie Night Tradition

    Do you have a fun family tradition? We are at the place where our girl can sit through a new movie with us, and while our boy’s attention span is closer to 20 minutes before he starts getting restless and playing with his airplanes, it’s nice to think about starting a movie night tradition that just get better and better.…

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    A Fairy Garden for Tinker Bell

    We are knee-deep into anything fairy-related over here. Tinker Bell is on repeat, we have countless dollar store wings, some pixie dust, and a fairy garden set. There is a house on the street where her school is that has a little fairy garden set that we see all the time. It’s got the little house, some glitter painted rocks…

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    The Power of Scents

    I just got my second COVID vaccine and after a good 48 hours of chills and body aches followed by extreme fatigue, I’m grateful to science that I am 2 weeks away from being fully protected. Everything we’ve been through this past year with the pandemic, the one resounding thing that is needed is calm. A pause in the day…

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    How to use tapestry for small rooms

    Small rooms can sometimes be a challenge to decorate. You want the room to look bigger, not cramped, and be inviting and warm. Storage bins and shelves help with clutter, but where does that leave decor? Our new home has a different layout than our old one, with the rooms being smaller and the living spaces bigger. It’s been an adjustment in…

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    Living Room Inspiration

    We are in new territory when it comes to our living room. Our new home is about the same size as our previous one, but the space allocated to rooms is different. This has given us much more room in our living area and less room in the bedrooms. Pros and cons, right? Our living room is in that weird…

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    The Housewarming Gift Homeowners Really Want

    “I don’t know what to get you as a housewarming gift”, my friend said a few weeks after we bought a house. Now mind you she had actually sold us our house, so she had given us the best housewarming gift. But it got me thinking. What gift is a good one for someone you know (or don’t), that won’t…

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    There’s a Wreath on the Door

    My daughter and I went to HomeGoods the other week to look for a new laundry basket. Somewhere I missed the memo that around age 6, this girl was REALLY into wanting every pretty thing in the store (“mom, you GOTTA have this! It’s amazing!” she says looking at a unicorn snow globe). She loves HomeGoods now. As we passed…