what the hills y’all: I’m on a boat

What the Hills Y’all: Adventures of a Texas girl living in San Francisco

Ferry Building

The Ferry Building is one of those tourist-y things every girl needs to do. When I was reading SF guides like this one and this one, the Ferry Building was something I wanted to check out. Being a foodie and hearing of all the yummy unique treats and tastes there, we decided to take the ferry from Alameda, which dropped us off right in front of the building. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but walk inside and it’s a whole other thing.

You can shop for fresh produce, sip a glass of Merlot at a wine bar, try fresh juices, indulge in decadent dessert and fill up on Blue Bottle Coffee, a San Francisco must (I have to say, $2.75 got me a pretty darn good cup of jo, I was impressed).


blue bottle coffee

biscuit bender

There was also a cute little shop called G.L Alfieri with almonds, cashews and dried fruit galore with flavors like pumpkin pie and eggnog as well as ginger coffee (love me some ginger). Phil and the guys there were so friendly (they didn’t charge me for a bag) and even recognized the blog! Sending mad love to them. Go check out their selection!

gl alfieri

We ended our little day trip with a ricotta and Gruyere grilled cheese sandwich from Cowgirl Creamery. Cheese and bread always win (and the name just brings me back to my Texas roots). It was so good!

It felt so great to go exploring for the first time and was a much-needed mini reliever from the stress of finding an apartment here in San Francisco (update: we signed a lease today!). I could really go back and spend another couple of hours there.

Here’s to exploring the city!

p.s charging for bags and walking uphill