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Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico was wonderful. After a red-eye flight, 7 days of non-stop exploring including spending Christmas with my Mexican family and an early morning return flight, I’m back. It was so great enjoying the holidays with my family with amazing food, lots of laughter and amazing views. It was a full circle trip, starting off in Guadalajara and then driving 3 hours to Leon, visiting Guanajuato and San Miguel (where we met Mackelmore!!) and then driving back to Guadalajara to end the trip.

Since there were 4 cities to explore, I decided to split this post up into 3 to also include a mini guide for those of you thinking of visiting Guanajuato and San Miguel (which you totally should). Here are some pictures from Christmas in Leon and food galore in Guadalajara!

christmas in mexico

christmas in mexico

christmas in mexico

christmas in mexico
Bunuelos- traditional sweet treat

Our last day was spent exploring Guadalajara and tacos there were plenty of. Think fresh made tortillas with made-on-the-grill-right-there carne asada, grilled onions, cilantro and plenty of sauces to choose from. My aunts  also hit the jackpot with some elote (corn) and raspados (shaved ice). Now, don’t get it wrong, it’s not JUST corn and shaved ice. We are talking corn in a cup or on the cob with mexican cream, lime, chili and cheese and shaved ice with flavors like rompope (similar to eggnog), strawberries and cream, nuts and sweet condensed milk. My mouth is watering.

photo 2 (20)

elote in guadalajara
elote (corn)
raspados (shaved ice)

With good food, shopping (shoes, so many shoes!) we reluctantly got on a plane and headed back home. We left with full bellies, a new love for Mexican food and stuffed suitcases with handbags, shoes and candy.

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this mini series with a mini guide to Guanajuato and San Miguel that include churros, cobblestone streets and a view to die for.