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Do you have any interesting quirks? I have way too many to note and I have nothing but love for the people who accept me in all my weirdness. Enjoy below:


1. I like the ends of brownies/pancakes and will sometimes just eat that. It’s the best part. Forget the soft center where the filling is, I like the ends. It’s the perfect amount of chewy and crispy. I once ate around an entire stack of pancakes while my husband and I were out to brunch.

2. I like to push down the top of the french press maker. Otherwise it’s just not worth it. Part of the awesomeness of the coffee maker (besides the fresh coffee of course) is the fact that I somehow had a part in making the coffee.The espresso machine in our house has a french press, but it’s automatic. Selfish.

3. I don’t mix the Chipotle burrito bowl before eating. I have a weird eating system where I save the thing I like most for last. In the Chipotle bowl it’s the rice. Aside from the fact that I love carbs, the lime and cilantro flavor just puts me over the edge. So I eat the lettuce, beans and meat as much as I can and leave the sticky warm rice with some melted cheese on top for last. This is why I don’t want to give you a bite when I get there, you were just too late.

4. I like tucked in, perfectly folded sheets, blanket and comforter when I sleep. The funny thing about this quirk is that I’m not organized, neat or strict about hardly anything else in my life. I just like how it feels. So there.

5. I have to open the shower curtain when I’m in the bathroom. Remember that episode in Ghostbusters when the slime comes out of the faucet when Sigourney Weaver was going to take a bath? Yep I’m that much of a scardy-cat that I still think of that. I also don’t want to wonder what’s behind there while I’m putting on makeup, etc.

6. I have a huge crush on hotel bathroom amenities. I look forward to staying in hotel rooms just to see what products they have or what brands they are working with. Huge disappointment if it’s generic crap. Give me the good stuff or at least put in some effort in fragrance combinations. My mom brought me some shampoo/conditioner from the hotel my parents stayed at in Paris. One of the many reasons I love her. 

I’d love to hear yours!