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emotional currency


I recently stumbled upon this article that talked about the art of emotional currency. I remember when Justin and I first started dating, one of the very first gifts he ever got me was a mixed CD that he made himself. It was one of the most thoughtful, sweet and prime examples of what I’m now adopting to be “emotional currency”.

Let’s break down those two words: Currency relates to the use of money and Emotional relates to a feeling. Still with me? Ok good. So when I talk about the phrase “emotional currency”, it’s not something that is paid for in credit cards or dollar bills, but is thoughtfully put together and given with some type of foreseen emotion.

I’m all about gifts paid for with emotional currency. A mixed CD, favorite flowers (and not talking about the pre-made bouquet at Kroger people), an inside joke made real or an “I Wish” becoming a reality. Those carry WAY more weight than a dinner out, Things Remembered gift or the dreaded gift card (I shutter at the thought).

So I’d like to know, what is the most thoughtful gift someone (and by all means this does not relate to a significant other but is for anyone) has given you? Here are some of mine that I’ve been fortunate to receive:

1. A mixed CD from my then boyfriend, now husband

2. A ticket to a blogging conference from my sisters/friend after starting a writing/blogging career

Those stick in your head people, just sayin’.

How about you? Have you received a gift either recently or in the past that has really stuck with you? I’d love to hear!