in review: King Spa and Sauna

It was a day of sweating and relaxing at King Spa & Sauna.

king spa

I had heard of a place in Dallas that was huge, with different kinds of sauna rooms, Jacuzzi, pools and Korean-style food. Oh, and it’s open 24 hours a day (i don’t want to know the clientele they have at 3am). Once a Groupon was out, I bought it along with my sisters, husband and brother-in-law and we all went one Saturday to experience it together.

This was by far the most interesting experience I’ve had living in Dallas (except for maybe yoga on a surfboard, but I’ll talk about that in another post).

We drove in through an arch topped with giraffes and construction (because bigger is better right?), parked the car and walked up entry stairs guarded by lion statues to the spa. We were greeted by the front desk, given wrist bands with a locker number, took off our shoes and proceeded into the locker room.

king spa

And then the nakedness began…

We were warned that there would be people who were naked, walking around or in the pools and that never bothered me. What I did not intend on finding out was that clothes (including bathing suits) was prohibited in the pools. As we nervously found our locker, we were graciously told not to worry and that it’s no big deal from regulars who were nice enough to give us newcomers the rundown. My favorite was a girl who said “I’ll bet money that 2 hours into this place you’ll be taking off your clothes like it’s no big deal”. Little did she know she was right (she should’ve taken the bet and gone home with some money).

After rinsing in the showers in the same-sex pool area and walking in your birthday suit to the pools, the hot water and the indifferent attitude of the ladies surrounding us made us feel more comfortable. The pools are same-sex (other wise it would be a whole different story) and included 3 hot pools (herbal, salt and something else), a Jacuzzi with jets and a 67 degree (read: f&*^ing cold) pool to shock your body. There were scrubs being done on naked bodies, conversations in both Korean and English and a super steamy steam room for added detoxification. After taking everything in, we rinsed again, changed into our orange shirt and bottom (which could pass for a prison uniform) and met up with the boys to check out the sauna rooms.

king spa

There were 9 of these to check out. From a super hot “fire room” where 30 seconds and you’re drenched in sweat, to an “ice room” to cool down and close the pores. Each room was different, but after going in to 5, they all started looking the same. The best one is probably the Base Salt Rock Room, where you lay on salt blocks and sweat.

The food here is pretty good, with Bento Boxes, soups, egg rolls, frozen yogurt and even pizza. They have a variety of drinks which I missed out in different flavors like sweet rice, mango and green tea.

king spa

After lunch (and in our 3rd hour), we took a nap in the infrared Room and Air Room, took another dip in the pools (naked of course) and lounged in the big brown super comfy lazy-boys that you instantly melt into and never want to get up. The movie theater had the same armchairs and played movies like Star Wars, Shrek and Prince of Persia. There is also a kids rooms that will take care of the little ones while the adults got there sweat one.

king spa

After 5 hours it was time to call it a day. We peeled ourselves out of the chairs, changed back into our clothes and lazily drove home. It was a day of total relaxation, detoxification and sweat. I felt like a had a super-duper work-out, when in fact I just sweated all day.

Will I be back? Sure. The regular price is $30, but Groupons are out all the time for it. I can totally see myself coming here on a super stressed day and just hanging out by myself.

I’ll be one of the girls with a slight grin on my face seeing newbies nervously reading the signs that say “no swimsuits allowed” and “must take all clothes off before going into the pools”. I’ll put money that 2 hours in they’ll be taking off their clothes like it’s no big deal.

King Spa & Sauna

2154 Royal Ln. Dallas, TX 75229