what the hills y’all: foodsploring in the mission

What the Hills Y’all: Adventures of a Texas girl living in San Francisco

foodsploring in san francisco

There is so much food here. So. Much. Food. Going “foodsploring” in the Mission district is awesome as it’s known as the Hispanic part of town, so my inner Mexican comes out. It was only a matter of time before my tastebuds and the food here officially met.

Here are some places I would recommend if you are looking for a new spot to check out.

Note: No calories were counted for the duration of this post.

1. Rustic Pizza 

rustic pizza san francisco

After quickly figuring out that a reservation is strongly suggested if going out to dinner on a Friday night (an hour wait is not happening), we looked around for a low-key pizza place that didn’t have a waiting list and found this place. Walk inside and you can get pizza by the slice, or walk to the back for a table. We were seated right away, ordered some wine and beer and looked over the menu. The best part about this place- they offer honey butter to dip your crust in. Oh, the delicious calories!

2. Mitchell’s Ice Cream

mitchell's ice cream san francisco

I’ve heard this was an SF staple, so we had to try it. The line was out the door and you had to take a number in order to get served. The menu is ridiculously appealing with tropical flavors like sweet coconut and avocado, seasonal flavors like ginger spice and pumpkin, and traditional flavors like toasted almond and pecan praline. This place is so good I’m still thinking about it. Good thing is you can buy a pint here and enjoy it for days.

Side note: People really like their ice cream here. A lady in front of me said (in Spanish) “con lo delicioso se te quita el frio”, which means “with the deliciousness you don’t even feel the cold”. When I asked her what flavor she got, she offered insisted I take a bite of her ice cream cone. I declined and told the staff I’ll have what she’s having.

3. Bakery “La Mejor”

bakery la mejor san francisco

Well aren’t we confident? In Spanish, “la mejor” means “the best”, and that was the name of this Mexican bakery. This small shop offers all kinds of breads like conchas, empanadas and puerquitos and are made fresh daily. The owner is super nice and from Mexico City. She talked Spanglish to me (I would talk to her in Spanish and she’d answer me in English). For $5, I walked out with a bag full of breakfast breads. Can’t beat that.

4. Balompie Cafe

balompie cafe san francisco

If you like soccer, Mexican/Salvadoran food, and live close to the mission, welcome to your new home. Walk in and you’re met with banners of the different soccer teams from Mexico, Spain, Brasil, Netherland, Germany, and any other country you can think of. A soccer game was on (when is a soccer game not on?) and good music played in the jukebox. I ate my ham and cheese sandwich listening to Alejandro Sanz in the background. That’s a good lunch.

We are just scratching the surface folks, stay tuned for updates as I exploring more food in the San Francisco area, hills and all.