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Christmas in Mexico: What to do in San Miguel de Allende

The last leg of our Christmas in Mexico trip was visiting San Miguel de Allende. The town is fairly small as well and about 45 minutes away from Leon. A definite must see if you want to be “cultured-out” when you visit Mexico. This is also home to a lot of older retirees because of its tranquil nature (I can’t say I blame them). Lots of great food and romantic spots.

San Miguel
Rooftop view from La Posadita

My Picks: La Posadita (famous green pozole), San Agustin (the best churros you’ve ever had) and Jardin Botanico.

Our first stop was a little place called La Posadita, a place my sister Vanessa has been talking about for years. We got a table on the rooftop patio, munched on chips and salsa (the Mexican kind) and took in the view. It started to rain and unfortunately for us, didn’t stop the rest of the day 🙁 A bummer for sure, but that didn’t stop us from getting the famous churros!

la posadita
outside of la Posadita
green pozole with toppings from La Posadita

San Agustin is a tiny restaurant in the heart of the city that had a line out the door when we got there. “You have to try these churros girls”, my mom told my sisters and I. “It’s so worth it”. So we stood in line, outside, in the rain to order these Mexican treats that my mom kept raving about. Were they good, you ask? Um yeah, I’m still dreaming about them. Made in-house when ordered, these can be plain or filled with deliciousness like nutella, rompope (similar to eggnog), strawberry jam and sweet condensed milk. Oh the greatness.

look at those delicious churros!

Once the rain let up a bit we decided to do a bit of shopping before heading back. The combination of rain and street lights on the cobblestone streets painted the city a beautiful amber blue and I couldn’t help but take some shots.

san miguel streets
The streets of San Miguel after the rain

In one of the shops, Justin turned to me and whispered “hey, isn’t that Macklemore?”. Yep, sure was. We went into this little shop with clothes and accessories and saw none other the superstar himself trying on a bright red poncho and sunglasses (let’s hope he wasn’t trying to fit in). For the record, It was not in a thrift shop and I’m sure he had more than $20 in his pocket. We didn’t know if it was him and none of us had the guts to ask him. Sure enough, Justin walked right up to him and asked him right out. He was gracious enough to take a picture with us before he left. All I kept thinking was “this is f*&%ing awesome” (get it?).

Meeting Macklemore

If you are looking for a place in Mexico to visit and don’t want to do the beach thing, I recommend checking San Miguel out. It’s beautiful, relaxing and a great place to soak in some culture.

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Hope you’re having a great week!