what a good hair stylist and colorist can do

“Never underestimate the power of a good hair stylist or colorist”

That’s the first thing that popped into my head on my way home after 3 1/2 hours at Delaney Salons visiting Rosa and Sharon. After 2 weeks of unruly hair, roots and grey’s showing like nobody’s business and straw-like ends, I had enough and couldn’t wait to see “my girls”. I went all in- got my color done (f-u grey’s!), cut off my split ends and chemically straightened my hair with a Brazilian Blowout.  After the hours of transformation, I feel like I can go out in public again…

It’s a tough thing to find a good person (or people) to do your hair. You need someone who follows the basic principles:

1. Knows what they are doing

2. Gives suggestions/advice based on what you want to do and what may work better

3. Is likeable (nothing worse than sitting in a chair with someone you don’t like putting permanent color on you)

4. Is Trustworthy

5. Is Flexible


These are the golden rules. Notice I didn’t say anything about price and location. These 2 criteria go out the window once you find someone you like. My girls work in Coppell, a good 30 minutes from me and I’m happy to do it. As far as price, do your research and see what others are charging. If it’s less, talk to your stylist and see if you can work something out.

Both Rosa and Sharon worked at Toni and Guy before they went on their own and their training reflects the best. I am REALLY loving the dark purple colors right now and wanted to get some of that dark purple color in my hair. Since Rosa knew I was going to get a Brazilian Blowout afterwards, she suggested I wait until the chemical process fades as she would have to bleach my black hair first and then apply the color. Good call.

Rosa and Sharon are SUPER likeable and we’ve had many deep conversations about life, love and drama. It’s important to trust who is doing your hair. With me, I am working with permanent color and chemicals, two very strong ingredients that when done wrong, could be a disaster. I trust both that they know what they are doing and can deliver the results I want.

Finally, my schedule and availability has gone through its own rollercoaster. First I was only available on the weekends, then anytime during the week and now again only on the weekends. They both work at the same salon, so they are nice enough to coordinate their appointment time to meet my availability. Yes I have two girls that work with my hair, but scheduling with both of them has never been easier.

So case in point, FIND A GOOD PERSON TO DO YOUR HAIR. If you find two people, all the better. Just make sure they follow the criteria mentioned above and you’ll have the hair of your dreams. Good Luck!!


To reach Rosa and get the best color, she can be reached at: 214.223.9424

To reach Sharon and get the best cut, Brazilian Blowout , she can be reached at: 808.741.8565