what the hills y’all: mission food tour

What the Hills Y’all: Adventures of a Texas girl living in San Francisco

Have you ever been on a food tour? I’ve never been on one, but since I live in San Francisco in a mecca of food comas, I thought it would be great to take my mom and sister on one while they were in town. san-francisco-food-tour I’ve always been somewhat of a foodie, and living here gives me an overwhelming amount of choices that any diet plans can be thrown out the window in one bite. So while my husband and I are trying to find our next favorite food spot, and my mom and sister in town, we decided to embark on a food adventure which promised to fill our bellies with San Francisco deliciousness. Start your drooling… san-francisco-food-tour Our roughly 3 hour Mission North Food Tour with Explore San Francisco started with hot dogs with sauerkraut and continued through empanadas, tapas, southern cuisine, chocolate and ended with ice cream. We left with our bellies so full we didn’t mind the 20 minute walk back home. san-francisco-food-tour san-francisco-food-tour With the abundance of culture, warm sun shining and not a cloud in sight, the wind was the only thing that reminded us of the San Francisco weather (and that maybe we should’ve brought a jacket!). I would highly recommend this tour to anyone either visiting San Francisco, or looking to find a new spot. We bookmarked some restaurants I can’t wait to go back to (talking about you Chile Lindo and SouthPaw!)

Restaurants Covered:

4505 Meats

Chile Lindo (empanadas)

SouthPaw BBQ

Bi-Rite Creamery

Dandelion Chocolate

Picaro (tapas)