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Father’s Day Cards

When I was younger, my dad was the disciplinarian. He was the one that made sure we knew it was not OK to be up past bedtime. The one that made sure we knew how valuable education was, or we would be doing rounds at the hospital during summer break.

As I get older and older, I’ve realized how intelligent, dedicated and loving my dad really is. Now he’s one I turn to for advice, and he surprises me every time as I find myself thinking about what he says. Weird how that happens, huh?

So with Father’s Day being this Sunday, I thought I’d  share some fun father’s day cards I’ve been eyeing out lately that would definitely make my dad chuckle a bit.


Star Wars / tools / spiders / awesome /  love

My parents are actually going to be in the city for Father’s Day, and with my sister flying in from out-of-town, so it’s going to be a family affair up here in San Francisco.

Are you doing anything for Father’s Day?

p.s why family matters