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I Should Be Sleeping…

baby sleeps

Every time Olivia  finally settles down for a nap during the day, the same thought runs through my head:

“What should I do?”

1. Get dressed

2. Make my bed, do laundry

3. Wash bottles and dishes

4. Work and send emails

5. Watch one of my re-recorded shows (Scandal needs to be watched uninterrupted)

6. Sleep

I know moms out there would tell me the obvious choice would be to take a nap, but let me tell you the problem with that. If I nap, I’ll be thinking about the 5 other things that I should just do so I don’t have to worry about them later. It’s a problem, a “new mom” problem you might say, but it’s real. Note that food is no where on the list, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Now if I was smart, I would wait to do laundry and watch my shows on the weekend, when Justin is home and can help with the baby. True. But if she’s sleeping, I can just throw a load in right? The goal is to make her sleeping time the most productive because you don’t know when you’ll get it again. My mother-in-law came over to help the other day and I had a choice of anything I wanted to do. The decision was daunting. Sitting in silence was even a viable option.

I wrote this post while she’s sleeping. My bed is also made and I got dressed. Boo-yah.