what the hills y’all: date at upcider

What the Hills Y’all: Adventures of a Texas girl living in San Francisco


note: I was not compensated in any way by HowAboutWe for this post. I just wanted to share my experience with you!

Last week, Justin and I had our first date night experience using the service HowAboutWe for Couples. I had heard about this service in Dallas, but never got to try it since they don’t service the area. When we arrived in San Francisco, and found out HowAboutWe actually does “date experiences” for couples, I immediately signed Justin and I up for a date at Upcider.


For those of you who don’t know, HowAboutWe is part dating service/part couple concierge for cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and NYC (I talked about it before in my date night in a box post). For couples, the site is set up a bit like Groupon or Living Social, but catered more for parties of two with unique dates for foodies (off menu tastings at a hip restaurant), lessons (sushi class, make your own macaroons), staying in (s’mores at home), and adventure (trapeze class). It’s pretty fun to look at different dates and pick one that suits you and your partner best.

Since we live in San Francisco, one of the biggest foodie cities, we decided to do a cider beer tasting and appetizer, which included 1 flight of 4 cider beers for each and an appetizer to share (options included zucchini patties, garlic fries and the one we picked, sweet potato fries with blueberry ketchup. They were so good!


Our date was pretty neat! We sat near the window overlooking the streets so we could people watch (which is so fun, especially in SF), and take in the atmosphere of the dimly lit restaurant. We ended up ordering a BBQ flatbread and sliders to complete our meal.

Since it’s close to Valentine’s Day, if you are in a new city, traveling for the holiday and happen to be visiting one of the cities that HowAboutWe serves, or just looking for something new to do, check out the site. If you decide to get a membership, you can utilize one of their concierge to plan a date specifically for the two of you.

Have you tried a site like this before? What was your experience? I’d love to know!