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everything is manageable

“Everything can be manageable”, said my yoga teacher as we settled into class. “If the pose is too hard, or your breath gets choppy, lower your knee, don’t go as low in the pose, or take a break. That’s how you manage every situation.”

It was my first time in months to practice an exercise that gives me so much perspective, inspiration, strength and most of all, peace. I didn’t know how much I needed that class until I kept hearing those words over and over in my head as the day went on.

Change is inevitable. It’s what helps us grow as human beings, opens us up to new experiences and has the ability to ignite a passion that is sometimes unknown. Moving to a new city for me has been difficult, so much so that sometimes I am tempted to go back to my comfort zone in resistance to change. However, I am reminded that everything is manageable.

So similar to lowering a knee in yoga class, whether it’s taking a vacation to your comfort zone or venturing out to the unknown, everything is manageable. When that happens in a way that’s right for you, it’s a beautiful thing.

everything is manageable
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