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take me out to the ball game!

Well last night was a first for me, went to a World Series baseball game. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but if I’m going to go to a game, the World Series is not a bad one to go to! One of our friends works for the Cardinals and got us tickets to the game and even passes for the after party.

The night was surreal. First of all, the weather was awesome, which is so rare for Dallas. Second of all, the Rangers won which put everyone in a good mood. But what struck me the most about the game was the good energy in the stadium. It was amazing to feel all the joy, happiness, excitement and even at times nervousness in the stadium. They counted and there were 51,432 attendees. The place was packed. So packed actually that I couldn’t get Internet connection on my phone at all the entire night (and then my phone died of course from trying). The skies were clear without a hint that it was going to rain, the sun set as we were watching the game and I was with my love.

Our friend is a huge Cardinals fan and went from holding his Cardinals towel really tight to biting it, to eventually un-threading it as he came to terms that they were going to lose. It was a tough weekend for him, he came to Texas and both nights that his beloved team played they lost. I feel his pain when the Houston Rockets lose. Since the next game is in St. Louis I think the Cardinals might get a win now that they are down 3-2.

I can’t say enough about last night and how awesome it was. We drank beer, shared a Chicago-style hot dog and good old fashioned peanuts. Event the drive home was nice. It’s amazing how a win can make everyone on the road more patient, go-with-the-flow and happy. Here’s to the World Series and having experienced it. Go Rangers!baseball-world-seriesbaseball-world-seriesworld-series-baseballtexas-rangers-baseball-world-seriesbaseball-world-series