Family & Motherhood

are you the favorite?


“I don’t have a favorite, I love you three the same”, my parents would always answer.

Growing up with 2 younger sisters, we would always question who was our parents “favorite” and would always get the same response. Being incredibly different in personality, actions, feelings and even lifestyle, it would baffle us that our parents didn’t have a favorite.

For mothers, studies show that one of the biggest predictors of favoritism has to do with similarity. I know growing up, my sister was adventurous and a bit of a risk-taker, which my mom could relate to as a young teenager.

I don’t know about fathers, but I can tell you the connection between my dad and my other sister was on a whole other level. Their connection was clear from the beginning, from the way they would argue (with time tables and statistics), to their personality. While my sister and I would “argue” by expressing emotions, my youngest sister would pull up facts on Google.

As we’ve gotten older, I’ve found that this favoritism siblings struggle with seems to change depending on the life stage. I was favored over my sisters when I was the first to get married, while my sister was favored when she became more engaged in her religion.

As product of our parents, it is inevitable that we will, at some point, behave as they once behaved. Even if it’s a way of thinking, the way we react to things, or how we tie our shoes.

What about you? Did you parents have a favorite? If you’re a mom, do you have a favorite?

Also, your kids music and your personality type